How to host a Percy Jackson and the Olympians watch party

Disney+'s Percy Jackson and the Olympians hit our screens in December, and tbh, we can't stop streaming. We might not be able to hang out at Camp Half-Blood ourselves, but we can def throw a demigod-themed watch party for the season one finale, which airs on January 30.

The decor

No Percy Jackson watch party is complete without decor that practically transports you to Camp Half-Blood. If you want to stick with some of the themes of season one, try incorporating some lightning bolts and Lotus Hotel and Casino decorations. 

You can also channel your inner demigod by decorating like your fave characters' homes. Feeling the ocean vibes from Percy's cabin? Surround yourself with some seashells and tridents. Prefer the studious atmosphere of Annabeth's cabin? Go for owl decor and books everywhere. Looking for something more nature-chic to represent Grover's home in Camp Half-Blood? Try out some leafy wall decor that will look great in all your pics.

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The outfits

You might not have a dagger or a magic baseball cap on hand, but you can certainly still dress up like your fave demigod.

The famous Camp Half-Blood shirt is a demigod staple, but you can wear any orange shirt you have (and you can use fabric markers to design your own camp logo!). Complete the traditional demigod look by pairing your orange shirt with some jeans and sneakers.

Feel free to dress comfortably, too! Your softest sweats or pajamas will be perf for a relaxing party with your besties.


The snacks

Every watch party has to have amazing snacks. Luckily, there are plenty of demigod-themed options.

Want to keep it simple? Just grab your favorite blue candy (think: M&M's, Airheads, Jolly Ranchers and Sour Patch Kids).

Looking for a refreshing drink? Percy is fan of cherry Coke, but you can also stick to the blue theme with a Sunkist Berry Lemonade soda or Gatorade Cool Blue. For extra points, you can make little "nectar" labels for your refreshments to match the healing drink in the books.

Craving the perfect dessert for after the episode? A box of brownies is a classic for a reason—just add a few surprise ingredients for a twist (how about some raspberries or peanut butter?), then cut them into little squares to have your very own "ambrosia." To replicate Sally Jackson's famous cookies, try adding a bit of blue food dye to your chocolate chip cookie dough—it'll have you feeling like a demigod in no time.

The activities

To complete your Percy Jackson watch party, add some fun activities for before and after the episode while you chat about your favorite scenes and theories.

Friendship bracelets are all the rage these days, but why not try making necklaces like the ones our fave demigods wear? In the show, demigods have necklaces with painted beads that correspond to important events from each summer. You and your besties can have the same thing by painting beads with symbols of the most memorable moments from your friendships.

You can also get a game of capture the flag going before your watch (remember: no maiming!), play "Would You Rather" with PJO-inspired questions and ask each other trivia questions related to the books.


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by Maggie Salter | 1/23/2024