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5 simple ways to make drinking water more fun

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Everyone says it and you're probably pretty bored of the lecture, but you need to stay hydrated.

A healthy water intake is *so* important to function. Whether it's hanging with your bestie or just taking a walk, if you're dehydrated, you won't enjoy yourself. But,here at GL we understand that you may struggle to get your daily water intake in. If that's the case, this is the perfect place to be! Try our faves:

Fun bottles

$24, hydromateusa

Buy a bottle that motivates you like the one listed above! There are plenty of aesthetically pleasing (and encouraging) water bottles to enhance your daily intake.

Infusions or additions


Find the taste of water boring? Add fruit or veggies to it. It can make it taste more refreshing (and look at how pretty it is!). 

Drops of flavor


Similar to infusions or additions, adding flavor drops like True Lemon to your water adds a whole new layer to the experience.



You can download apps like Plant Nanny to track and motivate your drinking. These apps can remind you to stay hydrated throughout the day and give helpful tips on the amount of water you should be drinking according to your weight.

Bullet journal it

The Glow Up Project

Bullet journaling your water intake is an organized and fun way of tracking your progress. If you are into organization, make a bullet journal page like the one shown above to motivate you to drink.

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Especially as the weather gets warmer, make sure your body is hydrated and happy! Share all of your fun water enhancements with us @girlslifemag

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by Abigail Hawtof | 5/12/2021