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These healthy summer sweet treats are sooo easy to make

We *love* a good sweet treat run, but tbh, it takes up time, money and is not always the healthiest option. DW: If you can't go too long without that occasional fro-yo to fight those summer heat waves—we've got just the recipes to refresh and nourish your body this szn.

Chocolate-covered banana pops


crunch bar banana pops

♬ Peach - Glimlip & Louk & Elior

This one's perfect for all the girlies who prefer chocolate over more fruity flavors. That's right—we're taking frozen bananas to the next level.

Simply cut your banana into popsicle-sized chunks and insert a popsicle stick in each. Then, melt some dark chocolate (full of antioxidants, btw!) or matcha mixed with yogurt to dip your bananas in. For some extra nutritious toppings, blend up some rice cakes to roll your popsicles in.

One-ingredient sorbet 


Srsly, it doesn't get easier than this. Freeze your fruit of choice overnight (mango and oranges work *amazingly* for this recipe). Then, add your frozen fruit to a blender until it reaches a sorbet-like consistency. If you're feeling ice cream over sorbet, a pro tip is to add some coconut milk for more of a creamy texture! Full disclosure: We'll def be having this super easy and refreshing treat all summer long. 

Frozen raspberry patties

@erin_funfoodie 🍫VIRAL CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY PATTIES🍫 Have you seen versions of these floating around lately? They are the perfect balance between sweet and tart. A frozen treat I can get behind and will work into rotation this summer. And that touch of flaky sea salt on top is chef’s kiss! INGREDIENTS✅ 6 oz. Raspberries, mashed 2 tsp. Honey 2 tsp. Chia seeds 3/4 cup melted chocolate Sea salt, for sprinkling #chocolateraspberry #chocolatelover #viralfoodtrend #nobakedessert #frozentreats #traderjoesrecipe #traderjoeshaul #traderjoesfinds #fyp #traderjoesobsessed #traderjoeslife #traderjoeshack ♬ Chocolate (Choco Choco) - DJ Party

This sweet treat is filled with amazing, nourishing ingredients! Mash up some raspberries, then add some honey in your mixture if you want extra sweetness. Next, stir in some chia seeds (a great source of fiber for heart health!). Scoop your mixture into patties on parchment paper to freeze overnight before dipping them in dark chocolate. And ofc, we can't forget about toppings—we srsly recommend some flaky salt and crushed-up pistachio for both the ~color~ and health benefits. 

Strawberry matcha latte

This one's for all you sweet drink enthusiasts (aka, you *need* a fun drink more than you should). To make a healthier version of strawberry puree, simply mash up some strawberries and add some natural sweetener like honey instead of refined sugar. Then, pour it into your go-to glass, add ice, and your milk of choice.

For the matcha, we recommend opting for a pure matcha powder (we *love* the Chamberlain Coffee Matcha Powder) with limited or no additives. Mix the powder in four to six ounces of hot water, then pour it into your drink! Bonus points if you get the most aesthetic picture of your ombre drink, btw. 

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by Anne Chen | 6/8/2024