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5 superfoods for the ultimate immune boost

So you've caught a bad case of the sniffles and are cycling through some not-so-great-tasting cough drops and fake bubblegum-flavored Tylenol. While this dynamic duo can help you feel better when you're under the weather, there are much more delish options to turn to. Before heading out to your local pharmacy, give your immune system a boost with some superfoods!

Even though there's no exact definition for what a sueprfood is, a Harvard School of Public Health study says a food levels up to "super status" when it has a higher level of nutients, antioxidants and beleived to have health benefits beyond its nutritional status.

Whether you're looking for a delicious remedy to a cold, or simply searching for foods that might help you survive flu season, these good eats have never felt healthier. 

The green goddesses

We always hear how imporant it is to eat our greens, but the picture that pops up into our heads? A droopy lettuce salad or badly cooked Brussels sprouts. Luckily, the green goddesses of the vegetable mix are equally as yummy as they are beneficial to your health:  kale, avocado and spinach! All three of these super greens are the reigning queens of Vitamin E, an antioxidant that not only works to improve your immune system but also works to repair cell damage. Healthy cells = vibrant hair, nails and skin! 

Bringing in berries


Who doesn't crave a "berry" sweet smoothie bowl at least once a week? Introducing your go-to power-up when you're feeling under the weather. Strawberries, blackberries and raspberries, aside from being delcious, are rich in vtiamin C. When you're sick, you're immune system is weakened, making it harder to fight off other infections. Vitamin C works to build up your white blood cells, the very cells in your body that fight off germs.  

You can build up your vitamin C with citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits, but one cup of berries actually has more vitamin C than an entire orange!

Cooking up chickpeas


For the girlies that seem to rock a runny nose and cough at least once a year, chickpeas might just be your new health BFF. Aside from a being a good source of protein and the perfect base for a hummus with veggie dippers snack, chickpeas are filled with copper and zinc, two natural metals in your body that build your immune cells. A balanced copper-to-zinc ratio can also help you fight off any infections (basically, say goodbye to sick season).

Mornings with Greek yogurt  


Your on-the-go breakfast just got better. Greek yogurt is a great source of probiotics, which help promote healthy bacteria in our guts microbiome. Studies have shown that our gut microbiome is tied to our immune system, so keeping one part of your body in tip-top shape can actually balance out other parts of your body, too! And, it never hurts to top off your yogurt with some granola, berries and honey for a sweet-meets-healthy mix in your ultimate morning pick-me-up.  

 Time for tomatoes


Aside from being the ultimate summer aesthetic, living your totmato girl era isn't just a fashion lifestyle—it's a total health power-up. This fruit is packed with an antioxidant called Lycopene, which actually gives tomatoes their red color, but also protects your cells from damage. Let's just say we are *running* to make baked tomato feta pasta rn, for the immune boost, ofc.

Just remember that...

While these foods promote a healthy lifestyle, the best way to make sure you keep your immune system on track is to find a balance between your physical and mental health. Pairing these yummy superfoods with a good night's rest, lots of water and some self-care or mindful practices like meditation to keep your stress at low levels is the ultimate glow up— your mind and body will thank you later. 

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by Annika Chaves | 1/6/2024