Eat Right

Campbells Sweet Red Pepper Soup

I’m def not a very domestic person – I don’t think I even know how to turn on the oven! So when I need to prepare meals for myself, I look for easy things that I can just pop into the microwave. Unfortunately, a lot of these are frozen meals that are full of preservatives and unhealthy ingredients...gross!
The other day I found something totally delicious and easy to make. Campbell’s makes a brand of soups for V8 that you can keep in your pantry and, when you’re ready to chow, just pop into the microwave for two to three minutes.

I grabbed the Sweet Red Pepper flavor and it was so delish! And what’s even better, this stuff is totally healthy. Each serving of soup (1 cup) provides 20% of the USDA’s daily veggie recommendations; it’s low in sodium and has only 120 calories. There are also no artificial flavors or preservatives to be found, just great flavor and tons of nutrition.
The Sweet Red Pepper flavor was an easy choice for me – I love peppers, and the soup combines them with tomatoes to make a thick, tasty soup. Sometimes I like to dip a piece of bread or crackers in it. If peppers aren’t your thing, they have other flavors, too. These soups are a great way to make a quick meal (or even a heartier snack) and get your daily serving of veggies at the same time!


by Alexa Ercolano | 2/1/2016