The perfect pair of workout leggings to go with every Taylor Swift album

Having trouble finding motivation to go to the gym? We've *all* been there before. Sometimes, all it takes is the perfect pair of leggings to get us back in the mood to work out. And if you're anything like us, there's nothing more motivating and inspiring than a good Taylor Swift song. Lucky for you, we found a pair of leggings that matches *every* Taylor Swift album. 

Taylor Swift

ASOS Urban Threads tall seamless leggings in glitter teal, $14

Taylor's debut album introduced her to the music industry, and from the very start, people began to take note of her songwriting prowess and powerful presence in the world of country music. Similar to how Taylor was able to leave a lasting impression with her first album, these ASOS seamless gym leggings will give you a pop of color to instantly elevate any of your gym looks. It's bold enough to catch the eye, but also simple enough to compliment anything you style it with. 


GymShark Adapt Animal Seamless Leggings, $36

With Taylor's sophomore album, fans saw a deeper side to her. Fearless is an album that radiates confidence, which is exactly how you want to feel in a good pair of leggings. Step into that mindset with these yellow seamless leggings from GymShark.  Don't be afraid of a bright color like yellow. Enter your Fearless era and embrace hues that are eye-catching and fierce. 

Speak Now

Gymshark Vital Seamless 2.0 Leggings, $54

Taylor Swift's Speak Now showcased her fierce authenticity—and fans really connected with her on the topics of love, heartbreak and even revenge (we're *still* not over "Dear John"). The color palette for this era was full of purple. If you want to go even further than a pair of light purple leggings, one of our fave things to do is match our leggings to our workout top. A matching set makes the perfect workout fit. 


Athleta Salutation Stash Tight Leggings, $80

Red served as a major comeback for Ms. Swift, as she combined the sounds of pop and country and made a bold return to the music world. She was at a pivotal point in her career and channeled all the emotions into one of her best albums to date. In a similar fashion, your Red-inspired workout look should be bold. Make an entrance and don't hold back from big colors. Maybe you'll even match it with a certain scarf (if you know, you know). 


Soma High-Rise 7/8 Leggings, $30

Serving as one of modern pop's most essential albums, 1989 is the soundtrack behind those big moments in our lives where we feel like we are on top of the world. One of the biggest visual themes of this album is nature and the sky (think back to the "Out of the Woods" music video). These watercolor leggings from Soma will have you daydreaming of falling in love in New York while listening to your fave 1989 track ("I Know Places," anyone?). 


Fabletics High-Waisted Seamless Snakeskin 7/8 Leggings, $60

reputation is that album you can go to no matter what mood you're in. Taylor speaks about lasting heartbreak, finding love, being vulnerable and getting back up after feeling down. It's one of her albums where she holds nothing back. Similar to reputation Taylor, this workout look is perfect for any mood. Maybe you're listening to "Gorgeous" and thinking about that one crush you'll never get over—or maybe you're streaming "Ready for It?..." and trying to build some confident energy. Whatever you're channeling at the moment, let these leggings speak to you. 


Trophy Yogo Mermaid Leggings, $98

Lover gives us all those feel-good, wholesome vibes...and can we talk about how the entire era had a *perfect* color scheme? Taylor was a big fan of multi-colored looks during this era, whether it be the use of rainbow or color-blocking. These Trophy Yoga mermaid leggings give us the same feels as the Lover album cover. It's as if we're staring at a sky of pastel blue, pink, orange and yellow, and we're obsessed with the entire aesthetic. 


GymShark Adapt Animal Seamless Leggings, $64

While two separate (and equally iconic) albums, folklore and evermore are arguably the fan fave albums in Taylor's discography. Taylor made use of a lot of nature themes, and a lot of the visuals from both eras revolved around forests, lakes and fields. These green GymShark leggings will give you all the same vibes. For more inspiration, throw on your fave cardigan to really complete the look. 


Beyond Yoga SoftShine High Waisted Midi Leggings, $84

Midnights is Taylor's most recent masterpiece that's already breaking records left and right. It's no surprise that after 10 albums and decades of experience in the music industry, Taylor is still slaying award shows and effortlessly topping the charts. One of Taylor's most iconic looks of this era incorporated stars, and these Beyond Yoga leggings give us the same starry-eyed feeling. With the inspiration of a midnight sky, these leggings put us in the mood to stream "Midnight Rain" while doing a late-night workout. 

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by Mina Rahmat | 2/18/2023