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5 habits that are making your period even worse

Menstruation is always a hassle. Between bleeding, cramps and the roller coaster of emotions you may face, it's easily the hardest week of the month. However, you may be unconsciously making your period even worse by subscribing to these habits. 

1. Drinking too much caffeine 
Caffeine can increase estrogen levels, which can make your period symptoms worse (think: cramps). To combat this, stay away from too many cups of coffee, or switch your daily Starbucks run from a iced mocha to something decaf.

2. Not sleeping enough
If you don't sleep enough, your body will release more stress hormones, which can lead to your body having more difficulty regulating those hormones. The unregulated hormones can lead to your period coming earlier...or even being heavier than usual. Take some time for self-care when you're on your period. We love the tips HERE

3. Eating salty, fatty foods
Yes we *know* that sometimes the only thing you want on your period is a large order of McDonald's fries. But if you suffer from bloating and cramps, it might be best to cut back on the amount that you eat. Those salty foods can increase water retention, leading to bloating. This doesn't mean you have to cut it completely out of your diet, but maybe switch your fry order to a healthy heaping of sweet potato fries

4. Stressing yourself out
Having your period is a stressful experience (hello, having to check if you're bleeding through your fit!), but being *too* stressed can lead to your body having issues regulating hormones, just like if you didn't get enough sleep. Go easier on yourself when you're on your period. Trust us, you deserve a break. 

5. Exercising too much
If you're hard-core training for a marathon or soccer tournament, the increased exercise can lead to irregular periods. Like many of these other habits, it can disturb your hormones. Switch off from intense cardio to some calmer yoga for the week. 

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by Serena Sherwood | 3/27/2022