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The ultimate guide to *every* type of bra need a bra. Or you already wear a bra, but you're looking to branch out. But here's the dilemma: The bra section of stores, whether online or in-person, can be *overwhelming*. There are seemingly a million different types of bras, sizing can be confusing and it can be hard to know exactly what you want. If you're feeling lost in the world of bras, no worries. Here are the six main bra types.

T-shirt bras

T-shirt bra set, Target, $29.99

T-shirt bras are generally known as the basic, padded cup bra. Related to its name, these bras are meant to have a smooth and seamless look that doesn't show underneath T-shirts or other body-hugging tops. One thing to consider is the color of the bra. If you're wearing a white shirt, for example, it's usually best to wear a bra that's similar to your skin tone. If you're looking for a comfortable everyday bra, explore t-shirt bras with different colors and patterns.


Lace bralette, Aerie, $39.95

Style and comfort: the bralette's main two advantages. From lacy to plain, bralettes come in a variety of different styles, but they are almost always wireless and slip-on. Depending on how much support you want, some bralettes have padding that you can usually remove and put back in according to your needs. And if the comfort factor wasn't enough to convince you, bralettes with detailed straps can look *adorb* peeking out under an outfit!

Sports bras

Sports bra, Nike, $38

A good sports bra is every athlete's best friend. With usually removable padding and fabric that absorbs sweat, this reliable type of bra provides the support necessary for running, jumping and general moving around. There are different levels of padding with sports bras depending on how much support you need, so they're a great everyday option if you find bras with cups and straps uncomfortable.

Push-up bras

Push up bra, Victoria's Secret, $49.50

Push-up bras do exactly what the name entails: They "push up" your breasts with angular and thicker padding at the cups, giving you some extra cleavage. Like pretty much every type of bra, push-up bras have different levels of padding, so you can choose how much "lift" you're most comfortable with. Though most push-up bras are wired at the bottom of the cups to give extra support and lift, there are definitely wireless ones that you can find.

Strapless bras

Strapless bra, Target, $25

Strapless bras are a closet essential if you wear dresses or tank tops. If you've ever been in that situation where you can't find the right bra to wear under a dress because the bra keeps showing, you might want to look into getting a strapless bra. Though they can sometimes be a little more uncomfortable, a well-fitting strapless bra shouldn't slip down your chest. They also come in a couple different styles, from bandeau to wireless.

Wireless bras

Wireless bra, Aerie, $49.95

Bras with underwire—the hard piece of wire lining the bottom of cups—can be infamous for being uncomfortable when the wire juts into your skin. Not fun at all. Fortunately, there are tons of wireless bras on the market that still provide support, style and comfort. Thank us later!

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by Jinny Kim | 4/28/2022