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Your guide to finding the perfect bra fit

With spring right around the corner, you might be seeking a closet refresh—and it's a perfect time to freshen up your undergarments, too. Over time, your bras lose elasticity, shape and structure, so it's important to keep them updated. It's actually recommended to switch your go-to bra yearly. Everyone needs a bra that fits properly, which is why we've compiled a complete guide to finding your *perfect* bra. We've got you covered!

Where to shop?

Whether this is your first time bra shopping or you're still on the hunt for your best fit, it can be hard knowing where to begin—especially since there are so many retailers. Your bestie's fave store might not work for you (and that's OK). Victoria's Secret, Aerie and department stores are good places to start since they all offer personal fittings. There are also online stores that specifically make bras for tweens and teens (Check out Bra Bar and Yellowberry). Once you know your proper size, you can shop anywhere and try fun styles (think: bralettes and sports bras).

How to find your size?

Not knowing your proper bra size is a very common problem. In fact, a medical survey found that 80% of women are wearing an incorrect size. If you aren't wearing the right size, there can be many side effects—including boob, back, shoulder and neck pain. The easiest way to solve this is to be measured by an expert. 

Visit one of the stores we mentioned above and explain that you want to be fitted. They will take you back to a changing room and make sure the process goes smoothly. It just takes a couple of minutes and then you can try all the styles, colors and prints. We know it can be awkward, but it's a guaranteed way to know your true size. 

Even though it's most beneficial to be measured in person, sometimes you can't make it to a store or you feel uncomfortable about the process. If you're in a pinch you can measure yourself at home. InMySeams explains all the steps needed to find your bra size in her YouTube video—by just using measuring tape! 

Terms you need to know

Bras have a number of different features and it's helpful if you decide which ones you like! Here are the terms you should know before heading to your local mall... 

An underwire bra features a thin wire that cups your boob. It gives structure and helps keep them lifted (this is recommended for those who have a larger chest). Instead of using a wire to keep shape, wireless bras feature stitching for gentle support. 

A traditional back bra features shoulder straps that connect in the back. In a racerback bra, the back straps form an X (perfect for when you're wearing cute tank tops). 

A demi-cup bra only covers about 3/4 of your boob, whereas a full-coverage bra covers all of your boob. 

A front-closure bra connects in the front and doesn't feature adjustable sizing, while a back-closure bra fastens in the back and usually offers three alternative band sizes. 

A convertible bra is great to have in your closet because it can act as multiple bras in one. You're able to change the strap layout from shoulder straps, racerback, halter style or strapless. 

Smaller vs. larger

Your cup size is a big indicator of what bra style you should purchase—for instance, girls who are smaller chested shouldn't buy a bra more suited for those who are larger chested. You want to make sure your undergarment provides the perfect amount of support. You deserve a bra that feels comfortable and looks great under all types of clothing.

Those who have smaller chests (like cup sizes A or B) might feel most confident in a demi-cup and wireless fit since they don't require as much structure or support...whereas larger chest sizes could benefit from a full-coverage bra with underwire and a racerback, so they have ample support. 

It's important to note that style all comes down to personal preference. It's most beneficial to go in-store and try on different options—that way you can find the fit for you!

Don't stress!

We know bra shopping can be uncomfortable and overwhelming—but it's something *all* girls need to do. It could be helpful to have your mom or bestie tag along for moral support. Finding properly fitting undergarments makes a difference in how your clothes fit and feel. It's important to feel confident in what you wear!

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by Maddy Phillips | 3/18/2023