Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I feel like I'm never good enough"

Dear Carol,

I can never seem to be happy with myself. Sometimes random thoughts go into my head, and they make me feel like I'm never good enough. I want to feel good and whole again.

- Never Good Enough

Dear Never Good Enough,

Everyone has moments of insecurity and self-doubt and just feeling meh. And a lot of teens lost their momentum during COVID. If negative thoughts become too much, counseling can make a difference. Self-help books and magazines like this one can work some magic, too. So can eating healthful foods and getting enough sleep. (Turn your phone off and don't keep it in your bed.) What do you like to do when you have free time? Cook? Draw? Make music? Use the vacation days ahead to rest, reset and recharge. Is there a winter activity you enjoy? Snowshoeing? Sledding? Skiing? Bundle up and embrace the great outdoors. Or decompress inside with a cozy novel and cocoa with popcorn. If you like, send out holiday cards—you'll get some back, and they may lift your spirits. Keeping a gratitude journal may sound hokey, but it helps to write down what you're proud of or thankful for. Your New Year's resolution can be to remind yourself that you are wonderful. No joke. My friends and I text each other trophy emojis and I'll write: "Yay you!" But I have to remind myself to say: "Yay me!", too. So be generous about giving other people compliments, but save some for yourself. Strive to replace negative thoughts with good ones. Because you are more than good enough. You're amazing. 

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by GL | 12/9/2022