Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I feel left out for not having a phone"

Dear Carol,

Everyone in my class has a phone. I have counted and only two people (including me) don't. Sometimes it makes me feel left out. Other times I think I don't even want a phone (and my parents say I can't have one yet anyway). Some friends peer pressure me to have one. Is there a way of saying I'm OK without being rude?

- Only One Without A Phone

Dear Only One Without A Phone,

Yes. As casually as possible, say, "Yeah, I'm sure I'll get a phone eventually but I'm good for now." And just leave it at that. You don't need to say anything more and, believe it or not, while having a phone has its advantages, a few people might actually envy you—phones are hard to put down, and it's a shame we all spend so much time scrolling when we could be living more in the present moment. 

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by GL | 2/16/2023