Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I hate my life"

Dear Carol,

Hi. I hate my life. I hate my family. 

- I Hate My Life

Dear I Hate My Life,

Whoa, you're not mincing words. I hope you don't always feel this way—and I'm sorry you are feeling so down right now. Is there a teacher or counselor you can talk to? These feelings may come and go, so hang in there. Meantime, what can you do to take care of yourself? Going for walks or runs? Skating or snowboarding? Staying active can lift your spirits and help you meet new people. Can you learn to cook one dish? Plant a garden? Start a sketchbook? Can you volunteer? Or make money by babysitting kids? Can you try to excel in at least one class? Join the chorus or a sport or audition for a play or be part of the theater crew? Listening to audiobooks is also a way to let other people's stories into your head—and get new perspectives. (Works for me.) And sometimes one good night's sleep can make things feel better. One more thing. Spring, at long last, is almost here. Days are longer and more colorful. That alone may lift your mood. 

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by GL | 2/23/2023