Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I'm feeling self-conscious about my small boobs"

Dear Carol, 

I have the smallest boobs! I hate it. I am so self-conscious, and everyone at school has grown up faster than me. Seventh grade is almost over and I was watching a nature documentary about primates. During a scene about newborns, I had a random thought: If boobs are supposed to be functional for milk, does that mean it's somehow better for pregnancy to have bigger boobs? I mean, I know they get bigger during pregnancy, but does it make a difference for girls with small boobs?

-  Small-Boobed

Dear Small-Boobed,

Fret not, breast size doesn't affect the ability to make milk for a baby. That aside: Whether your boobs get bigger or not, I hope you'll learn to love the body you've got. I get so many letters from girls who worry that they are too small or too big up top, when really, there's no right way to look. I used to have the same anxiety you have, and my body didn't change much—but my attitude did. One fine day I decided I was tired of feeling bad about not really needing a bra, and I just plain made peace with my body. It helped that I finally noticed that, along with busty celebs, there were many flat ones like me. They seemed to just own their bodies and project confidence. Fact is, confidence is a big part of looking good. So do yourself a favor and find the nearest mirror. Ready? Set? Say: "You look great!" Well done! Now make it a habit! 

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by GL | 6/5/2023