Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, My BFF has totally turned on me"

Dear Carol, 

I found out that the girl I considered my BFF invited a bunch of other girls to hang out at her pool and didn't invite me. She even posted a picture of them on Instagram. This same girl once posted a picture of me in our ballet class and on it she wrote, "She thinks she's a dancer?!?!" How can she be so mean?

-  Left Out

Dear Left Out,

I am so sorry that this girl is being rude and awful. Of course that hurts. Ugh. Can you get out of her orbit? Who needs a friend who acts like that? Maybe you two were inseparable in the past. And maybe she still has besties who are afraid to stand up to her. But friends are supposed to be thoughtful and supportive, and this girl flunks that test. Walk away. Connect with new kids. Leave her in the rearview mirror. 

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by GL | 8/1/2023