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It's time to spring clean your relationships

Time to spring cleanse your relationships, bb!

Spring is here—time to purge your fake friends and unhealthy relationships. But first, let's deep dive into the true meaning of the term "spring cleaning."

Spring cleaning began long before you may think. The idea of spring cleaning derives from the Jewish, Catholic and Iranian religions, as each religion has their own respective cleansing process leading up to Passover, Good Friday, Lent and Nowruz (the Persian New Year). 

Not only is spring cleaning connected to religion and culture, but it's also connected to our ability to feel more energized as the days get longer and the dreariness of winter wears away. Dusting those shelves, scrubbing down the sink countertop and gathering fresh flowers to light up your space may fill the hole that a few dark and cold months has created, but this isn't the only way you can utilize the concept of spring cleaning.

Now is a great time to take inventory of your current friendships and maybe even your current relationship. Consider the habits you've fallen into and how you *really* feel about the people around you—specifically how those people make you feel about yourself. Don't worry, we're breaking down exactly how to get through this.

What's the life you really want to live?

Consider what and who makes you the happiest in your life. Next, consider the things (and people!) who are making you unhappy—and do some good ol' self-reflection. Maybe as you're reading this, one person (or a few) come to mind. What is most important is your own mental well-being, and you should never compromise that for the sake of maintaining a relationship. 

Flaky relationships

Do you find yourself texting your friend or S.O. asking if they want to go to the movies, hang out or go to the mall...and they just aren't answering?  Have you made several plans with a friend only for them to cancel at the last minute every time? If this sounds like someone in your life, you may be experiencing a flaky friend/significant other. We live by this: If they really wanted to see you, they would make the time to do it.  

Unsupportive relationships

Have you ever achieved a goal you were excited about (maybe an A on a big project or scoring a goal in a sports game)? Were your friends and/or significant other excited for you? Proud of you? Sometimes your friends may not react like you thought they would and they're just selfishly denying you of a supportive environment. Hey, we need to reiterate this again: You don't need any people contributing negative energy when you feel proud of yourself! Relationships like that are unhealthy. It's time to free your mind of that bad juju.  

One-sided relationships

Are you always the one putting in the effort in your relationships? Maybe your friend only reaches back out to you when they really *need* something from you (AKA they're using you). Equal energies are *so* necessary if you want to have a friendship or romantic relationship that is healthy and long-lasting! If you're not feeling this with someone in your life rn...time for them to go. 

How to handle distancing yourself

So now you're thinking...OK, I know that some relationships in my life have got to go, but what's the best way to go about it? This is a tough one, because every situation is unique. Generally, if you are really close friends with someone, you may owe them an honest conversation about how you're feeling. If you're considering breaking off a surface-level friendship, think about distancing yourself in a way that makes you feel most comfortable. Maybe you don't want to sit with them at lunch anymore, or you just need to unfollow them on Instagram. 

Freshen up the relationships that *really* matter to you

An important reminder: Spring cleaning your relationships doesn't have to be all negative! It's also the perfect opportunity to give some relationships the extra time that they may need. When you water a dying plant, it begins to grow back, and it's not too late for you to give a little extra water to some of your friendships that are feeling distant.

Plan a girl's night or a fun date night with your BF/GF to enhance your time with that person—and soon you'll feel more comfortable in the relationships in your life that are worthy of your time. You're going to feel like a new and improved version of yourself after cleaning out those unhealthy relationships that were weighing you down. Pinky promise.

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by Olivia Brown | 4/10/2022