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7 habits for a happy summer

Summer: A time filled with relaxation, spontaneous beach trips, sleeping in and making tons of memories in the sun. Besides the excitement summer can bring, it can also cause you to get out of the habits you're usually in during the school year (a normal sleep sched...who's she?). We get it...summer's supposed to be a time of fun, but you can still enjoy it while keeping habits that are good for you. Because yes, this summer's a hot girl summer—but it's also a happy and healthy girl summer.

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

*Especially* during the hot summer months, it's imperative that you hydrate. Your bod needs water to function, survive and thrive. Treat your body right by remembering to drink. And if you just can't seem to remember? Consider investing in a water bottle that reminds you to drink based on the time of day.

2. Get enough sleep 

It can be super tempting to get into strange sleeping patterns during the summer. After all, from late-night movie marathons to sleepovers with your besties, it can be hard not to. Although an occasional late night is totally fine, make sure to get at least 8 hours every night. And try not to go to bed at times that are too different from your normal school sched (trust us, you won't want to be falling asleep on your first day back!).

3. Make at least one social outing or plan daily

To avoid serious FOMO when scrolling through Instagram while you feel stuck at home, take the initiative and make some plans yourself as much as you can. Your friends may be at sleepaway camp or on vacation, so summer's a tricky time to make plans. Even if your usual crew isn't around, there are still *so* many ways to get some social plans in, though. Whether you set aside 20 minutes for a FaceTime with your BFF or invite your neighbor over for s'mores, you'll realize that staying social over the summer is an awesome habit to get into.

4. Get outside every day 

It can be easy to fall victim to choosing to be a homebody when it's 100 degrees outside, but make sure you get outside for at least a few minutes daily. Whether you have a water balloon fight with your sibs or take your dog out, getting some fresh air will be sure to brighten your mood.

5. Move! 

Consider going on daily jogs or walks, doing fun dance videos or stretching for a few minutes in the morning. After all, moving in a way that feels good for Y-O-U is a habit that's crucial to your happiness!

6. Get off your phone!

During the summertime, it can be super easy to fall back into that rabbit hole of TikTok's that you'd finally gotten out of during finals szn. Don't fall victim to mindless scrolling (trust us...your future self will thank us!). Consider setting time limits on the apps that you spend the most time on so that you can *truly* enjoy the summer in the present moment.

7. Practice mindfulness 

Summer can get pretty hectic, which is why it's more important than ever to take a breath. Turn on a meditation video, journal mindfully...or even just take a few mins to close your eyes and take some deep inhales. It'll allow you to enjoy your summer even *more* and it'll help you stay in the present moment (because let's face it: Summer moves pretty fast!).

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 6/28/2022