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4 fun ways to include affirmations in your daily routine

Did you know we have literally *thousands* of thoughts a day? That's right, sis. And the way you talk to yourself can have a big impact on the way you feel about yourself.

That's where affirmations come in: These sweet sayings are positive things that you can say to yourself (out loud or just in your head) to improve your self-esteem. It's basically a glow-up from the inside. That's why we found four fun products to add to your daily routine to start a fun self-love practice...

Affirmation jewelry

Mantraband I Am Enough, $35

Okay srsly, could this rose gold bracelet from Mantraband be any cuter? We don't think so. This brand makes wearable affirmations with classic accessories. Mantraband sells several different bracelets, necklaces and rings—and has so many statements to choose from, such as "I am the storm" or "She believed she could so she did." Plus, the pieces are easily stackable and available in silver, gold and rose gold, so you're bound to find one (or two...or five) that you love. 

Affirmation cards

Lamare Be You: Affirmation Cards, $22.95

Tarot cards are definitely trending right now, but what if there was another shuffle you could add to your life for some serious self-love? You can choose a card a day and practice saying it to yourself a few times (while taking a few deep breaths for maximum effect).

Psst: It's okay if the affirmation doesn't feel valid IRL right now. Over time, these positive statements will start to feel true. Practicing affirmations is kind of like changing a habit: Right now, negative thoughts might be habitual, but you can break it through a consistent affirmation practice. 

Some seriously cute (and comfy) socks

doublesoul Affirmations Collectors 4 Pack, $50

With fun affirmations like, "I am not 2 a.m. awkward silence" and "I am CEO of Small Talk", this cute collab between doublesoul and Affirmations might just be the best thing to grace your feet in 2023. They're super comfy and guaranteed to be a vibrant staple in your wardrobe (or the perfect gift for your bestie's upcoming b-day). Besides, what's an easier way to practice self-care than slipping on a pair of socks?


Little Feminist Goods Empowering Heart Sticker, $3.50

This heart-shaped mirror sticker features affirmations all around the edges. You can stick it on your water bottle, phone case, mirror or wherever you'll see it most. Say it with us: "I am kind, confident, strong, intelligent, fearless and independent." Because you are, bb. 

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by Samantha Bothwell | 6/30/2023