5 unique end-of-year gifts to give your teachers

Let's face it: You and your class have put your teacher through a lot this year. Whether it's that silly April Fool's prank or the fifth time you got caught passing notes to your bestie, they *def* deserve a thank-you gift for all their patience and wisdom. Here are five things your teacher would love (that are not just candy or mugs)! 

1. Personalized book embosser

Etsy, $24

Even a math teacher would love this cute book embosser with its infinite customization possibilities. From sprucing up their homework grading sessions to adding personal touches to their personal book collection, this is a must-have in any teacher's classroom. 

2. Potted succulents

Etsy, $25

You def don't want your gift to give your teacher extra responsibilities, which is why potted succulents is the perfect low-maintenance way to add a bit of green in their classroom. All these plants need is a place with sunlight and water every other week and voila—decoration that's both practical *and* aesthetic. 

3. Class photo album

Amazon, $14

If you love scrapbooking, this is the project for you. Take your teacher down memory lane by making a photo album of all the fun memories you and your classmates have made throughout the year; we can't think of any better memento to leave them with than this. 

4. Personalized stationery 

Etsy, $22

You know what's better than stationery? Personalized stationery! Whether it's for professional or personal use, you can't go wrong with these versatile cards and envelopes with your fave teacher's name on them. 

5. A handwritten letter


Last but not least, we're here to remind you that you don't have to spend money on a meaningful gift. In fact, it can sometimes be *more* thoughtful to write a sincere note, thanking your teachers for all that they've done for you. In this case, it really is the thought that counts. 

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by Cathy Li | 5/19/2023