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We just picked your perfect tarot card, according to your zodiac sign

It's no surprise that people who are into horoscopes also love tarot card readings. Both offer insight into who we are and what we want—plus a glimpse at what's coming up next for us. 

Tarot is a deck of 78 cards. Each one represents an energy or spiritual truth that offers insight into your past, present and future. Many themes of tarot align with astrology—and some cards match their zodiac counterparts almost perfectly.

Here’s how it works: Each card presents not just your best qualities but your “reversed” side as well. That means when flipped upside down in a tarot reading, the card’s strengths can become excesses or weaknesses, showing us not only what makes us amazing...but where we tend to struggle.

Want to know what your tarot says about you? First find your star sign, then see what may be in store.


When you go for a goal, you’re not the type to plot out every detail first. You prefer to rush in full force with bold energy, much like a speeding chariot. Unsurprisingly, your card represents a strong drive and sense of direction.

Upside down: At points, you might struggle to find motivation, as if your chariot has veered off-course. Don’t worry if you feel aimless or uninspired for a bit—you’re still on the right track.


Draped in a beautiful gown as she sits on her throne, the Empress represents a connection to nature, luxury, joy and vitality—everything you value most—and reaffirms your need to prioritize self-care so you can show up and be present for others.

Upside down: You tend to overwork yourself and get burned out easily from helping everyone else. When you feel disconnected from your body and soul, it’s time to take a break and re-center.


The Lovers represent two people who balance each other out. Sure, different people might know different sides of you, but that’s not a bad thing. Your flexibility means you can get along with just about anyone (a major strength).

Upside down: This card can symbolize tension, like when you’re refusing to see the other person’s side in an argument. Slow down and listen to their point of view, even when you disagree.


As someone who is prone to lots of quiet contemplation, the Hermit perfectly represents the Crab. Your strength comes from taking a step back and really thinking through every option. Unsurprisingly, many turn to you for insights and advice.

Upside down: Withdrawing from the crowd can help you see the bigger picture, but it may leave you isolated from others. It’s OK to reach out for another perspective or simply say “I don’t know.”


Is it any real surprise that Leos are represented by the Star card? Symbolizing an abundance of positivity, the Star in tarot is a bright omen that you’re on the path to strength and optimism—aka everything you exude in your day-to-day life.

Upside down: Faking it ’til you make it comes at a price. Feeling disillusioned is a sign you’ve lost your groove. Press pause and process the disappointment instead of pretending nothing’s wrong.


Temperance, signifying consistency and balance, plays to one of Virgo’s strengths: knowing to quit when you’re ahead. You work hard and play smart, always dialing back impulsive reactions.

Upside down: Resisting your emotions for too long can backfire. When the card is turned upside down, it shows inner turmoil and a lack of control—all things that can happen if you don’t check in with yourself and speak up about how you feel.


Both Libra and the Justice card are depicted with a set of scales—and both thrive on life being as fair as possible. You’re the glue of the friend group and the go-to person to spot and resolve rifts and tension between buds.

Upside down: No one’s judgment is foolproof... including yours. When Justice is upside down, it can mean you’re being vengeful or dodging the truth. Honestly question your motives before you step into drama.

Scorpio - THE MOON

The Moon card hints at digging deeper to reach clarity—something at which mysterious Scorpios thrive. Where others shy away, Scorpios love prodding, leaning on their gut feelings to unearth the truth.

Upside down: The downside to this great power is stubbornly relying on your convictions too much. Upside down, this card means you may jump to conclusions—and sting before getting all the facts.

Sagittarius - WHEEL OF FORTUNE

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck, so it’s fitting that the Wheel of Fortune would be your card. It represents big changes— good for you, since you welcome shake-ups and get restless when life’s too still.

Upside down: Ofc, what comes up must come back down. This card can also predict speed bumps and bad luck. But given your resilience, no snags keep you down for very long.

Capricorn - THE WORLD

The World represents completion—the satisfying sense of things falling into place. You put a lot of effort into achieving that feeling, but you’re also great at taking a step back and appreciating how far you’ve come.

Upside down: When the World card is upside down, it can mean there’s a void—that you’re trying to achieve something important but keep falling short. Best to slow down and reassess your plan of action.


Like the spiritual, intuitive High Priestess, you see past petty fights and shallow pursuits to better tackle important issues. Your compassion inspires others to care as much as you do.

Upside down:  An upside-down High Priestess hints that you’re losing touch with what’s truly valuable to you. Journal your thoughts and repair any breaches of trust, then get back to changing the world.


Working on a creative project is your way of making magic. The Magician is all about leaning into your natural talents to create something you’re proud of, whether it’s painting or bringing together a new group of friends.

Upside down: The dark side of the Magician is inauthenticity. It’s OK to find inspo from others, but you’re going to be happiest when you’re expressing yourself in a way that’s uniquely you.

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by Lily Johnson | 2/20/2024