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It's Pisces season! Here's how to be your best self this month

Pisces season is here in full swing! For all the spicy Pisces gals out there, this is your time to *shine.* But, for all of our non-Pisces girlies, DW: This water sign season just means time for some extra self-care. 

Pisces season occurs from Feb. 19 until March 20, so if your b-day falls during these dates, you're in luck! Pisces are known to be imaginative, compassionate, artistic and gentle individuals, and often have deep and complex emotions that can appear misunderstood.

With a sign as complex as a Pisces and a season that can already feel emotional (we're just dying for the warm weather to come back), taking care of yourself is so important to keep this time going swimmingly (psst: the Pisces symbol is also a fish!). 

Stay in tune with your emotions

Emotions can be, well, all over the place. Taking the time to regulate them is essential to feeling your best. Try journaling throughout your day and recording your reactions to understand what you're feeling. Create daily check-ins with yourself to figure out what's causing your moods. (A bad test grade? Totally embarrassing crush moment? All valid.)

Most importantly, understand that all of your feelings are valid! Pisces feel deeper than any sign, and this trait definitely comes into play this season. Just remember—your feelings are always meaningful.

Try something new

A new phase for the zodiac signs means trying something new. It's never too late to pick up a new hobby or do something that allows you to step outside of your comfort zone. Like the imaginative, eager Pisces, this is your time to allow yourself the freedom to explore things you otherwise would've put off trying.

Don't be afraid to dive into unknown waters! (Too many fish puns?)

Be creative

Artistic and musical are some of the most important traits of a Pisces and can totally be true for any sign this szn! Break out your favorite crafty hobbies (or start a new one) to channel your inner water sign. Whether this is scrapbooking, painting, playing an instrument or just doodling, use this time to get creative and let your inner artist shine.

If this also just means blasting your fave songs and screaming the lyrics, we'll count that as musical, too.

Fun fact: The colors of a Pisces include mauve, lilac and sea green, so this is def the time to use those paints or colored pencils in your next creative endeavor.

Always keep swimming

With any new astrological season, there will always be ups and downs. However, it's important to keep your head up and carry a positive mindset. Pisces are extremely compassionate and empathetic signs, so remember to practice this same compassion and empathy toward yourself.

You don't have to tackle every hardship now—take each day at a time, and remember, any-fin is possible! (OK, we're done with the puns, pinky promise.)

Happy Pisces szn, babes!

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by Sophie LaBella | 3/6/2024