Beauty 911: How can I find the perfect foundation?

It’s time to banish caked-on, chalky or otherwise unfit foundation. We’ve got the 411 on finding a formula that will give you natural coverage—period—and tips on the right way to apply it.

Oil overload
Tone down the oil by using an oil-free formula as your foundation. Not only will it create a counter balance, it will also leave your skin looking refreshed and renewed.
Our application tip: Ditch the hand app as oil and residue can transfer onto your face. Instead, use a clean makeup sponge to dab on your foundation.

Zits and blemishes getting you down? Rather than caking on multiple layers of foundation, find a skin-clearing makeup to help fight the battle. Resisting acne while giving you coverage- now that’s a win-win situation.
Our application tip: A dab will do ya. Don’t overwhelm your skin with massive amounts of foundation. Blot dots around your face to create evenness and then blend.

Normal and Balanced
For those of you lucky enough to have naturally normal and balanced skin, pick a long-wearing formula with SPF to keep it that way (you may want to invest a bit—nothing like using cheap makeup to mess up good skin!). Foundation in small batches can help even out your skin tone and little inconsistencies. Try just dabbing it on blemishes instead of covering your whole face. Make sure to pick the right shade to ensure it enhances (not overpowers) your already-beautiful skin.
Our application tip: Pick one shade lighter than your skin tone. When you apply it, you’ll look fresh and natural.

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by Marly Zimmerman | 2/1/2016