We ranked the top 15 best sheet masks

Sheet masks are known for being a fun addition to every girl's skincare routine, but also for granting you with ultimate relaxation on a stressful day. There's def nothing more relaxing than cuddling up with a good book while having a sheet mask on your face. It makes all your problems go away while upping your IG feed game at the same time. 

Now that tons of skincare brands have come out with sheet masks for many different purposes such as hydration, exfoliating, erasing pores, stopping wrinkles and more it can be hard to know which masks actually get the job done. Especially given how aesthetically pleasing they all look on IG. We've tried out all the top trending masks, and put together a list including the 15 best masks so you'll know which to buy!

Bliss The Detoxifier Holographic Foil Sheet Mask

Bundle up in bed and turn on your fave show with the Bliss brand sheet mask. This mask will hydrate your skin leaving you with glowy radiant skin. Not to mention, it includes charcoal as one of its key ingredients which will get rid of *all* your pores.  Bliss World, $4

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mask

Tatcha is a brand loved by many of our fave influencers because of its luxury ingredients causing expedited results for the face. This mask by Tatcha will get you that trending dewy *lewk* you see Charli and Dixie flaunting so beautifully in their latest Morphe 2 campaign. If you're not into wearing makeup this mask will do the trick. Sephora, $12

Lancôme Rènergie Lift Multi-Action Ultra Double Wrapping Cream Mask 

This mask is a 2 in 1, it's a moisturizer and a mask allowing you to save time in your skincare routine so you can moisturize hands-free while binge-watching The Baby-Sitter's Club. Moisturising isn't its only purpose, this mask contains *all* the essential ingredients to keep you looking young and your face lookin' firm. Ulta, $15

Lapcos Charcoal Mask

If you're looking for the ideal mask to hone in on your pores and kiss them goodbye this charcoal mask is def for you. Applying it to your face a few times a week for 20 minutes will stop incoming pores from coming up to the surface, and will decrease the size of any current pores on your face. Don't worry if you have extra dry skin or extra oily skin because this mask works on all skin types. Revolve, $14

La Mer The Treatment Lotion Hydrating Mask

If you haven't heard of La Mer it's one of the most luxurious skincare brands out there and most famous for its miracle broth that's featured in all their products. It goes without saying that these masks are def on the pricier end, but they'll make you feel like a million bucks when you're done using them. Sephora, $30

Wrinkle Smooth Sheet Mask

Although this mask is called the Wrinkle Smooth Sheet Mask it has *a lot* of other key purposes for helping your skin stay healthy and clean. The high dose of Retinol and Vitamin C mixed into the mask will wipe away any dark circles from being tired or worn out. In addition to discoloration brought on by acne scars. 100 percent pure, $6

GreenTea Mattifying Mask

Gift this mask to your bestie who's the ultimate skincare fanatic as the perf trendy gift (and get one for yourself, too). It's the best mask to use for a Zoom spa day because the main ingredient is green tea. Green tea is meant to reduce stress and prevent the appearance of those horrible breakouts. Sephora, $4

Coconut Gel Sheet Mask  

Coconut water started out as a very hip ingredient to use in smoothies and healthy juice to keep your skin looking hydrated and fresh. Now it's starting to make its way over to the skincare world as an essential ingredient in this Coconut Gel Sheet Mask. In addition to cucumber extract which helps to alleviate dryness and keep the skin calm. Sephora, $6

Patchology Hydrate FlashMasque 5 Minute Facial Sheet Mask

In need of a 5 minute pick-me-up to make you feel refreshed and hydrated? This mask will give you just that and more. Patchology's ultra-strong mask materials combat the usual 20-minute time frame typical masks need to fully hydrate the skin. Using high levels of Vitamin B5 and Hyaluronic Acid this mask will leave your skin with fab moisture levels in just 5 minutes. Patchology, $8

I'm Real Aloe Mask Sheet

TheTonyMoly I'm Real brand is def famous for its super cute packaging, as their masks are seen all over VSCO. However, their packaging isn't all this brand is famous for. Their masks get excellent ratings for being true to what they say they'll transform on your skin. The aloe mask is extra popular this summer for healing your face from sunburns, and discoloration with extra fast results. Ulta, $3

Starskin The Diamond Mask

This mask will make you shine bright like a diamond just like Rihanna. According to Sephora, the serum in the mask is "infused with diamond dust and precious gemstone extracts" to make you get that celebrity glow. Sephora, $24

LOOPS Clean Slate Mask

Place this mask on your face right after an extra hard TikTok workout to cleanse your skin of all that sweat and dirt. You can also use this mask whenever you're feeling oily, or just want to feel refreshed. Lil Shop, $30

Mamonde Flower Lab Essence Mask

Once you apply this mask to your face you'll immediately smell the fresh rose scent it has. It'll make your skin feel nourished and fresh as it contains a tasteful rose aroma. This make will def leave you feeling  10x more hydrated than when you first applied it. Ulta, $2

Origins Flower Fusion Violet Nourishing Sheet Mask

Sit back relax and apply this mask! The Flower Fusion Violet Nourishing Sheet Mask will give you the sensation as if you're at a spa with its amazing scent of violet. This is def a mask that you could use any day of the week just to make your skin feel a bit healthier. Origins, $7

Rael Facial Sheet Mask

Vitamin C is *very* important for keeping your skin hydrated and glowy, and this Vitamin C focused mask will give you a total glow up after just one use. Given how much time we spend inside whether it's at school, or at home on zoom classes we lack a lot of crucial Vitamin C from the sun. This mask will get you all that missed sun time in just one mask! Get Rael, $15

Which of these 15 fab masks will you be adding to your collection? Tag us and let us know @girlslifemag!

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by Hayley Miller | 9/13/2020