Influencers spill on their back-to-school beauty routines

Whether you're back to IRL school or back to Zoom, the start of a new year means new routines—and beauty is no exception. Whether you're keeping a natural vibe, upgrading your skincare or experimenting with creative makeup looks, these girls are delivering on the tips and tricks to keep your face fresh *all* fall long...

Pressley Hosbach

In a recent YouTube vid, the Dance Moms star explains that she prefers to ditch the "cakey" foundation and concealer and opt for a lightweight moisturizer instead. Perfect for busy mornings and humid late-summer weather, she pairs her hydrated glow with light bronzer and a brow pencil. Watch the vid to see *all* her product recs! 

Sophie Michelle

The singer and Stage Fright actress takes us behind-the-scenes of her online school night routine in the vid above. When it's time to wind down, Sophie starts the night by removing her makeup with a cleansing balm—a fab choice if you're trying to ditch makeup wipes and keep your skin healthy. Especially if you apply makeup most school days, be sure to give your skin a break in the evenings when you do homework or binge the latest Netflix original.

Yaya Panton

Yaya's 2020 GWRM vid is *perfect* for anyone who keeps their school style on point at all times. The seventh grader shares her morning makeup routine—it's super easy to follow and modify. Keep things chill with a dash of mascara and gloss, or glow up a moment with a pop of eyeshadow. 

Jayden Bartels

One element of Jayden's morning routine we heart? It's not *just* her rosewater spray or trendy winged eyeliner. "In my head—or even sometimes out loud—I'll say three affirmations, three things I'm grateful for, three wins from yesterday and three things that are gonna go great today," Jayden tells us in a Day in the Life vid from July. Add to *your* morning for an insta-positive boost.

Eden Cha

Teen YouTuber Eden Cha has a super aesthetic channel and her natural makeup routine is no exception. Since school (and screen time) is likely to leave you with tired eyes, Eden recommends an undereye de-puffing and cooling stick, like this one from Milk Makeup and a jade roller to help with relaxation. Because your face deserves a break, too...

Addison Rae

The TikToker released an updated makeup routine vid in March, explaining that she'd changed nearly *all* the products she uses. Though Addison isn't in school rn, her look (featuring foundation, blush, highlighter and lipstick) will appeal to those going for a glam and professional vibe.

Slider Image: Pressley Hosbach/Instagram


by Katherine Hammer | 9/14/2020