How to make your perfume last all day long


Everyone loves to get complimented on their scent. However, the nagging issue still stands: Each day you get ready, spray on your fave perfume and walk out the door to start your day...only to find out that it already wore off in less than an hour!
So, the question remains: How do you manage to stay smelling good all day long? If you're a newbie, don't fret. We have *all* the tips on how to use your perfume to smell fresh 24/7. 

Layering is your new BFF.
Let's make this clear: Layering is oh-so important! One way to achieve this is by combining various fragrances on top of one another for a unique and personalized scent. To ensure that the scent notes are complimentary, use a piece of testing paper before spraying onto your body. Spritz the stronger scent first and don't go overboard with the amount of perfumes that you pair together. 
For the full effect, layer multiple products (sprays, oils and/or solid versions) of the same scent. You can aim for body washes, hair products, lotions and deodorants that have the same smell to enhance the aroma even more. 

Know where the apply your perfume. (Hint: pulse points!)
Heat triggers fragrance diffusion throughout the day, which is why the best places to apply your perfume are on your pulse points. The pulse point hot spots include areas like the nape of your neck, wrists, inner elbows, tops of your ears and back crevices of your knees. A quick rule of thumb is to spray around 5-7 inches away from the skin's surface. 

If you want an extra boost, spray perfume onto your hairbrush too (but don't mix this up with spraying directly onto your hair, which can be harmful). 

Apply at the right times. 
For peak performance, add perfume into your post-shower routine. This is when you have open pores and can use the shower steam to your advantage. Hydrated skin is always a pro when it comes to using perfume. 

If you need to reapply throughout the day, carry a small rollerball perfume or invest in a travel-size version to throw into your everyday bag. You can also spray your fragrance onto a few cotton balls, pads or swabs, and store them in a Ziploc bag for a fast touch-up. 

Use the vaseline hack. 
If you didn't already know, perfumes *love* oils and moisture! Lock in the scent by using a dab of vaseline before spraying your perfume. An unscented lotion or oil will also help hold the fragrance in longer. 

High-quality perfume vs. body spray
High-quality perfume vs. body spray—but which is better? Although high-quality perfumes are more costly,  they're totally worth it in the end. They tend to have a stronger scent and (therefore stay on longer), whereas body sprays are less concentrated in fragrance oils. 

Don't listen to perfume myths.
You should rub your perfume in with your wrists. This is a *huge* no-no. Rubbing it in actually breaks up the scent, making your perfume disappear faster!
Perfumes never expire. Wrong! Believe it or not, perfumes have a limited shelf life and don't last forever. When its intended time runs out (most perfumes have a shelf life of up to five years once opened), the scent won't stay as long. Make sure to always replace your perfume when the time comes!

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by Madison Yee | 9/3/2022