The cutest press-ons for the perfect at-home manicure

Who says the perfect manicure needs to be expensive? You can get the cutest manicure in any color—with any design—from the comfort of your own room with press-on nails. If you constantly want to change your look or simply want to save some money, press-on nails are the thing for you. We're here to give you all the deets on where to find the best sets.

1. Static Nails

Whether you're going to your bestie's birthday bash or just want to spice up your look, Static Nails has the perfect look for every occasion. We are loving these red French tips!

Barcelona French Almond, $22

2. imPress

These bubblegum pink nails are the cutest addition to take your manicures to the next level. We recommend imPress if you're constantly changing your mind about what color you want and don't want to break the bank with a full new set every time you go to the salon.

imPress New Me, $7

3. Amazon

These blue butterfly coffin nails are perfect if you like designs on your acrylics. With this set, you can choose whether or not you want to make them press-ons or apply them using the (included) nail glue. While glue makes them last longer, it can get messy and is definitely a bit of a harder process. 

Blue Butterfly Coffin, $9 

4. Chill House

These rainbow nails add the best pop of color to any fit. They're super durable, cute *and* inexpensive compared to a salon manicure. 

Groovy Baby, $16

5. Dashing Diva

Did someone say glitter? If you are always trying to add a little more sparkle to your life, these are the nails for you. We love that the website tells you *exactly* what you're getting with each nail. These are medium-length, oval and glossy. 

Glitter Drop, $9

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by Miriam Riley | 1/22/2023