The perfect hairstyle for every vibe (according to TikTok's Hair Theory)

Ever heard of hair theory? The trend on TikTok has over 500 million views and counting, with creators showing how changing their hair in a matter of seconds can completely alter their vibe.

Basically, #HairTheory says that how you style your hair reveals parts of your personality and how people perceive you. (Case in point: A messy bun may give off a more carefree vibe, while a '90s blowout may be more extravagant.) 

@dhivya.srii hair theory: how a person wears their hair affects how they are perceived. what do w guys think? #hairtheory #hairtheorytrend #hairstyleideas ♬ original sound - ✰

When it comes down to it, your personality can really shine through your hairstyle. So for all you gals who want to up your hair game, here's your cheat sheet for achieving the hairstyle that screams *you* the most. 

Slicked Back: Polished, on-the-go, driven


Living Proof Control Hairspray, $32 | Nexxus Anti Breakage Shampoo, $15 | PATTERN Strong Hold Gel, $25

A slicked-back style is perfect for the ambitious and practical girlies. To get the perfect sleek look, use an anti-breakage shampoo to smooth frizzy strands. When you're ready to style, simply wet your hair (or just spritz it with a spray bottle) and drain out the excess water. Then, pat on some hair gel and use your trusty comb to split your hair to your desired part. Finish off your polished look with some hairspray. 

Bombshell Blowout: Fun, chic, bold


Drybar High Tops Self-Grip Rollers, $12 | amika Brooklyn Bombshell Blowout Spray, $28

The '90s fluffy hair has been *so* in, and it's the ultimate style for all you girlies who like a little glam here and there. To channel your inner Cher Horowitz, use some hairspray on your rollers to get those picture-perfect curls (make sure to start from the bottom and curl away from your face). Then, blow-dry on high for 10 minutes and release those rollers to reveal your bombshell blowout.

Down and Natural: Carefree, down-to-earth, laid back


amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo, $28 | Nexxus Root Lift Thickening Spray, $13 | Olapex Bonding Hair Oil, $30

A classic go-to, the down and natural look is a fan favorite. But to avoid that occasional bad hair day (we've all been there), opt for some hair oil that will give you a silky shine and help nix frizziness. And if you *really* want to enter your healthy hair era, we recommend a thickening spray plus dry shampoo for extra volume.

Half Up Half Down: sweet, thoughtful, creative


Satin Hair Bow, $8 | REVLON Volumnizer Hair Brush, $38 | Nexxus Thickening Conditioner, $15

Calling all hair bow girlies! This iconic hairstyle tied together with a dainty ribbon is *the* cutest look. To maintain volume and shape, add some thickening shampoo + conditioner into your shower routine to build up your hair structure. Then, use a hot air brush to create those natural curls for a perky look. Top it off with your fave ribbon, and you're already giving off the sweetest vibe. We don't make the rules, #hairtheory does. 

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Top and slider images: @rachelshea_


by Anne Chen | 11/16/2023