Your guide to the TikTok rockstar girlfriend aesthetic

With nearly 90 million views under the "rockstargf" tag on TikTok, it's safe to say the internet is overtaken by a new aesthetic. Girls with messy hair and sparkly eyeshadow walking the streets of NYC at midnight, strumming electric guitars surrounded by classic rock vinyls in their chic apartments or wearing pleather pants and band tees, arm and arm with their bassist bae seem to be popping up all over your FYP. So what's this new grunge look all about, and how can you capture the effortless cool girl vibe in your own life? Here's everything you need to know!

What is the rockstar girlfriend aesthetic?

@urfavdollie Pinterest @ pixielolita #pinterest #rockstargf #model ♬ original sound - ellie👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

The rockstar girlfriend aesthetic captures the '70s vibes of groupie life with a modern update. Think Daisy Jones & The Six or Almost Famous but with influence from modern It girls who encapsulate the aesthetic, such as Victoria De Angelis (a bassist in the band Måneskin). If you love blaring Nirvanna in your bedroom or purposely smudging your eyeliner at the edges, this aesthetic might be for you! 


@mercedestrankwong This made me excited to see maneskin in Nov :)) inspo @Addis🤎 #fyp #rockstargf #rockstargfaesthetic #rockstarsgirlfriend #size8 #size10style #theneighborhood #devonleecarlson ♬ original sound - ALEX TURNER

To get in character as a rockstar girlfriend, the first step is picking out the perfect outfit! Looks can widely vary depending on the occasion. For a Sunday morning spent at home organizing CDs, some baggy or bootcut jeans and a band tee, button-up or bralette would go nicely. For a night-out look, try a slip dress, knee-high boots and a pleather jacket with lots of sparkly accessories. Stars, pleather, faux fur, lace and silver are usually incorporated into the aesthetic's basic color scheme of blacks, reds and whites.


@oatmilkmakeup my main inspo was vic de angelis 🖤 i wanted to do this makeup trend but i think it’s stupid that it’s called rockstar gf rather than just rockstar. #vicdeangelis #maneskin #grungemakeup #rockstarmakeup #rockstargf #rockstargfmakeup ♬ Call Me - Blondie

When it comes to the rockstar GF's beauty looks, there is no need to spend hours trying to look just right. For hair, no fancy styling is required. Rather than an updo, leave your hair messy, half-up or in a claw clip. As for makeup, start off with a clean base before adding a funky eye look. Eyeshadow is a must (the darker and sparklier, the better), as well as eyeliner (don't worry about unevenness or errors, that only adds to the chic charm). Red lips and nails are also popular in the aesthetic. 


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Finally, the most important part of the rockstar GF aesthetic: the music! If you're new to the rock music scene, there are many sub-genres that can help introduce you to it. Whether you prefer alternative rock, indie rock, classic rock or punk rock, here are a few artists to get you started.

Bikini Kill 
The Clash
The Distillers
Alanis Morissette
The Go-Go's
Fleetwood Mac

There you have it—a complete guide to the internet's newest aesthetic. Just remember, while it may be called the rockstar girlfriend aesthetic, you don't need a significant other who plays in a band to have fun with the style. In fact, maybe you've even been inspired to pick up a guitar and become a rockstar yourself! Rock on, girl.

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by Madeline Morrow | 9/30/2022