EXCLUSIVE! Coco Quinn's new single "Better Type" is our official song of the winter

This just in: We're now coining the term "song of the winter" (think: the "song of the summer" but, well, make it ~wintery~).

Okay, maybe we didn't invent the turn of phrase, but it's certainly been on our minds ever since we heard rising star Coco Quinn's latest single, "Better Type". The song just dropped last week and, thanks to its major heartfelt piano ballad vibes  (fans of OR's "vampire", this one's for you), we've had it on nonstop repeat. 

It's been a minute since Coco dropped any new tunes ("the last time I released a song I was blonde and that was years ago," she told us) so that only makes the release of "Better Type" sooo much more ah-mazing. To celebrate, we sat down with her to talk through the true story behind the track, the rumors about her next projects and literally everything in between. Read on to see how much you know about the *real* Coco Quinn! 

1. When she's songwriting, she always speaks from the heart. 


Coco's main source of inspo? Her real life or the lives of her friends. She's a pro at channeling her experiences onto the page and into the mic. "I like to write my songs about personal stuff that I've been through—and I feel like I constantly go through so much," she says.

In the case of "Better Type", which Coco describes as a "love story", the song follows a relationship on the rocks as a result of a love triangle. Let us be the first to say: It's actually so therapeutic to listen to Coco pour all her emotions into her oh-so-relatable (and lowkey heartbreaking) lyrics.


2. She usually only listens to one type of music. 


As you might imagine, Coco's got a well-rounded musical palette. On one hand, she's calls both Olivia Rodrigo and Sabrina Carpenter some of her biggest influences. But when she's not belting "get him back" or streaming "A Nonsense Christmas", Coco opens herself up to other genres besides pop. 

"I also love Noah Kahan, Zach Bryan and Morgan Wallen," she spills. "I know they're not even in my genre, but I have so many artists I love—I could keep naming a bunch."

Whether she's tapping into her country side or singing along to folksy hits, she's always down to explore and branch out when it comes to her own personal playlists. 


3. She's never *ever* seen snow.


Yup, it's real, but dw, Coco's days of making snow angels and sledding are right around the corner. She's spending this holiday szn in NYC and hopes that she'll get a chance to experience her first irl winter wonderland.

"I've never been to New York during Christmas time, so I'm super excited," she says. Plus, in terms of festive plans, Coco's got a jam-packed schedule: "I'm seeing Moulin Rouge, I have an event, I'm going to see The Nutcracker and I'm doing tea," she says. Brb, sneaking into her suitcase...

4. She's releasing new songs—and soon.


New year, new bops—at least that's what Coco promises for 2024. "I have an EP I'm working on," Coco shares. "It's in the makings right now."

That's not all she has planned for her future: Coco's biggest aspiration is to one day tour and perform live for all her fans. "Hopefully after I release an EP, something like that can happen," she says. Fingers crossed: We'll be (im)patiently waiting to snag those tix! 

Check out Coco on IG and stream her new single HERE

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Top and slider image: @cocoquinn3


by Katherine Hammer and Madelon Basil | 12/11/2023