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The 6 makeup looks you'll wear all year
This just in: Rosy cheeks are this season's most swoon-worthy accessory. 

How to date (like, actually)
Ready for your first relationship? Consider this your go-to guide to going girlfriend. 

Retro hair trends to try ASAP
Warning: You won't get through this inspo without contemplating a major change.

The sentimental girl's guide to cleaning your room
Yup, it *is* possible to hold on to your childhood memories…and give your space a much-needed glow-up.

Quiz! What's your bestie vibe?
Just in time for Galentine's Day, we're breaking down how you BFF. 

Your Valentine's streaming sitch, solved
Not sure what to watch at Saturday's sleepover? We curated the perfect queue, no matter your relationship status. 

The newbie's guide to piercing your ears
Everything you need to know to get prepped—besides what new cute earrings to buy. 

Yes, you deserve an everything shower
Light a candle and turn on your fave lo-fi playlist, because we have your new self-care obsession. 

Crush advice for any sitch
All the affirmations to get through your current crush chaos. (And, yes, they *actually* work.)

So *this* is how to step into your most authentic self
New year, true you. Here's exactly how to tap into your secret superpower (hint: being yourself) and achieve all your 2023 goals. 

Slay your snow day
Whether you want to get ahead or crawl back under the covers, get ready for your snuggliest snow day yet. Just don't forget the hot cocoa. 

Your typical zodiac crush (and who you should try dating instead)
The stars are saying it's time to reconsider your romantic prospects. 

Everything you need to watch, read and listen to this Valentine's season...
Jordyn Curet is making a name for herself as Shamiah on Home Economics (catch it on Hulu)—but did you know that this outgoing and optimistic actress is already planning on putting out her own music? PLUS: Book recs based on the hobbies you heart (charging crystals? Listening to true crime podcasts? Check and check.) and what your favorite rom-com says about your soulmate. 

In this issue, you'll also find... 

🌷 How to spring clean your skin
The right routine, right this way. 

β›” Should you give bae another shot?
5 ways to tell if your former flame is worth the effort.

πŸ’­ Have a friend crush?
Yes, it's a thing. Yes, it's normal. 

πŸ’• 14 ways to spread the love
From your BFF to your babysitting charges, we've come up with creative ways to open your heart. 

β˜€οΈ Eight energy boosters you need rn
Winter wellness hacks? Here for that. 

🫁 3 ways to level up your breathwork
Reclaim your calm with do-them-anywhere techniques. 

+ Dear Carol on two-sided friendships and body insecurities
+ What your hand-holding sitch reveals about your relationship
+ One GL girl's journey with OCD
+ How to celebrate Galentine's Day
+ All the awkward V-Day moments 
+ Tons of fun and freebies
...and so much more!



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+ Soy wax + essential oils + silicone molds = the dreamiest room décor. Your step-by-step guide HERE. πŸ•―

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