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The BookTok accounts we're obsessing over rn

From FoodieTok to NostalgiaTok, TikTok is a gold mine of hilarious memes, skits and sounds—but as much as it is a place to banish boredom and laugh out loud at funny clips, the app can also be a fab place for community. And if you're a book lover? Enter: BookTok.

Arguably one of the best sides of social media, BookTok is filled to the brim with—you guessed it—book content. Want to find your next unputdownable read? BookTok's your BFF. How about an aesthetic shelf organization video? BookTok creators have you covered.

Speaking of BookTokers, we can all agree that creators are the backbone of the platform. And since they produce incredible, entertaining, and meaningful content, it's only fitting that we show our support. Here are six BookTokers that we're *loving* right now:

Steph (@stephbohrer)


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Steph's account is a ray of sunshine. She'll have you obsessing over Aaron Blackford, living out your Barnes and Noble dark academia dreams, and pretending to be sick only to stay home to read. Oh, and sprinkle in a love for Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, and you'll be smiling every time one of Steph's videos pop up on your feed.

Abby (@abbysbooks)


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Ever read a book series that an author took ten years to write in five hours? How about losing all interest in an enemies-to-lovers arc after the characters move to the "lovers" stage? If you want to laugh along to funny, relatable book content, Abby's your gal.

Elodie and Mireille (@alifeofliterature)

UK-based sisters Mireille and Elodie give us *such* good vibes. They're the best in the business at convincing readers to pick up a book based on its first lines, rounding up books with specific tropes and making trendy clips with a bookish spin.

Amy (@amyjordanj)

Amy, who's also an author, has a book recommendation video for your every mood—everything from books that'll leave you sobbing and heartbroken for days to books that'll make you believe in soul-shattering true love. As long as her page is still up and running, it's impossible to run out of books to read.

Erin (@erinsandrews)

Erin is the *queen* of aesthetics. Just take a look at her book nook—it's the prettiest thing we've ever seen. With annual book roundups, gorgeous Pinterest-y book boards and oddly satisfying book cart assemblies, Erin's BookTok is the perf place to get inspired.

Bestie Book Club (@glbestiebookclub)

Bc we couldn't post a BookTok roundup without giving a nod to our brand new Bestie Book Club account. Looking for fresh reads? We've got you covered with books based on your fave aesthetics. Not to mention quippy book reviews, celeb reading lists and *so* much more. If you're in search of your very own virtual book club, you'll heart our community of bookworms.

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by Zoe Yu | 1/25/2022