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Healthy holiday treats that everyone will love


With all the parties and events to attend over the holidays, it can be really hard to eat healthy (calories don’t count from Thanksgiving to New Years, right?). No one wants to be eating a bland salad when you could be munching on festive cookies shaped like reindeer, but you can jazz up healthy food into something adorable and scrumptious that you’ll definitely want to eat. If you’re trying to eat clean around the holidays, try your hand at these simple and healthy treats you can take to your next holiday party.


  • 1_pita.png

    Holiday hummus

    Want a cute and yummy substantial snack to hold your guests over for dinner? Spread some green avocado hummus on a piece of pita bread cut into a triangle. Top it with veggies of your choice as ornaments (tomatoes taste amaze) and stick a pretzel at the bottom for a tree stump. These pita trees will be a total hit so make sure you have two platters—after all, you’re going to want some leftovers later!

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    Grinchy grapes

    No one will feel like a Grinch after they devour these cute treats! Cut the top of a strawberry off and slide it on a skewer. Then add a slice of banana followed by a grape. Top the strawberry with a mini marshmallow and your mini edible Grinches will definitely steal the snack spotlight this Christmas.

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  • 3_snowman.jpg

    Do you want to build a snowman?

    Normal cheese platters are so "blah". Spice up your Christmas party with snowman cheese cubes (doesn’t it already sound like more fun?). Slide three white cheese cubes onto a toothpick and poke pretzel sticks into the side of the middle cheese cube as arms. Don’t forget Frosty’s hat! Cut a grape in hat and connect it to the top cheese cube with another toothpick. Finish it off by drawing a face using your fave sauce and you’re sure to have the cutest cheese platter at the party.

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  • 4_jello.jpg

    Jolly Jell-O

    Let’s be honest, Jell-O isn’t the most exciting of desserts, but when you’re trying to eat clean, it’s a go-to for many. This year, give it plenty of holiday cheer by making candy cane inspired Jell-O cups! Alternate layers of red Jell-O and lite or fat-free cool whip in a clear plastic cup. Top off the decorative dish with a scoop of lite or fat-free cool whip, and you’ll have a dessert so good, everyone will think Paula Dean made it. 

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by Melanie White | 2/1/2016