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Power up with these protein packed lunches for meatless Monday tomorrow


Whether you're a vegan, vegetarian or are simply just trying to eat more green stuff, it's important to make sure that when you cut out meat, you also don't cut out some of the necessary nutrients we get from chowing down on chicken or cheeseburgers. One of those key nutrients is protein. Fortunately, getting enough protein without eating meat is *totally* possible (and easier than you think!). Don't believe us? Try one of these tasty recipes for lunch tomorrow and we promise, you'll be surprisingly satisfied.

Chicken nuggets are one of the *best* lunch foods ever invented. Now you can enjoy them minus the meat with this baked tofu version

Want a lunch that's super Insta-worthy? Try a Buddha bowl like this one packed with chickpeas, kale, broccoli and sweet potatoes. 

Hummus is a vegetarian's go-to when it comes to protein. Smear it on a wrap then pile on veggies and whatever toppings you love. 


You really can't go wrong with a quesadilla (the cheese has calcium and protein, score!). This avocado and black bean option looks delish. 

To satisfy your sweet tooth, throw one of these energy bites into your lunch or have them as an after school snack. The oats and nut butter will give you a hit of protein. 

We love the Starbucks protein bistro box for an on-the-run lunch. And making your own at home is so you can pick and choose your own goodies. 

What's your favorite meatless meal? Let us know in the comments!       

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by Amanda Tarlton | 3/12/2017