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Nourish bowls are about to be your *newest* go-to healthy meal

Tired of your same old—possibly boring—meals or you simply just don't know what to make for lunch? Look no further, GL is here to help. 

Nourish bowls are all over social media. You may have heard them called buddha bowls, macro bowls or power bowls—it's all the same thing. They're full of color and aesthetically pleasing. But, what exactly is a nourish bowl?


To break it down for you, nourish bowls are a super easy to make, nutrient dense bowl filled with your favorite fruits, veggies, grains, proteins and healthy fats. They're basically *anything* that makes you feel your best thrown into one dish.

The most amazing part about these bowls is the ability to customize them each time. No matter what diet you follow or if you want it hot or cold the choices are completely yours. There are no rules when it comes to building your ideal nourish bowl.

Follow these three simple steps to become a nourish bowl pro:

Step 1

Start with a base. You can use lettuce, rice, quinoa or anything else you're in the mood for. Get creative. 

Step 2

Add in your fave fruits, veggies and proteins on top. You can even drizzle some extras like hummus or balsamic glaze for more flavor.

Step 3

Snap the perfect pic to post. These bowls are stunning and you *have* to show off your skills.

Next time you're staring at your fridge or pantry with no ideas of what to eat, create your own nourish bowl. You definitely will not be disappointed and you'll be satisfied for hours. 

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by Jaclyn Kaufman | 3/28/2021