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Why you should never skip breakfast (like, ever)

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, no doubt about it! With a plethora of mental and physical health benefits, eating breakfast every morning is *super* important. Here is why you should never, ever skip your a.m. nosh (like, ever).

Loss of nutrients

According to the Better Health Channel, people who don't eat breakfast are more likely to be nutrient deficient than those who do (yikes)—so don't miss out! Breakfast foods (think: whole grains, eggs and fruits) are rich in fiber, iron, vitamins and more. And nutrients are essential for so many parts of our bodies, like our hair, skin, eyes and heart. There is no better way to start your day than with a big helping of vitamins and minerals (yum!).

Decreased brain power

Going to school on an empty stomach is never a good idea. Why? Because we use glucose (found in food) for brain function. If you don't eat breakfast, your brain won't have enough energy to function efficiently. Eating a healthy, nourishing meal when you wake up betters your concentration, memory and mood.

Foods such as blueberries, bananas and eggs are particularly good for your mind. Try to eat a few of these power foods in the morning!

Lower energy levels

"Would you start a long road trip in your car with the tank on empty?" registered dietitian Beth Czerwony said in an interview with the Cleveland Clinic. Not eating in the morning probably means your body isn't receiving the energy it needs to work properly. As previously stated, breakfast contains glucose...and glucose = energy. 

So if you're feeling extra sluggish in the mornings, it might be because you haven't had enough to eat!

Higher risk of long-term health issues

The American Heart Association says that people who skip breakfast are at higher risk of having diabetes, heart disease or high cholesterol. While that may not be a problem for you now, it's always good to start building healthy habits as early as you can. Making sure to incorporate breakfast into your daily routine will have your body thanking you in the long run.

Spoiler alert: Breakfast doesn't have to be a hassle. Try these easy, on-the-go breakfast recipes so you *never* have to skip again!

Overnight oats

Overnight oats are one of the *easiest* breakfast foods to make. The best part? You prep them the night before, so all you have to do in the morning is stir and enjoy. Mix up recipes to include your favorite fruits, sweeteners and toppings! Check out this recipe here.

Egg bites

Egg bites are a great go-to recipe that you can meal prep at the start of the week. Pop a few in the microwave to reheat in the a.m., and you're good to go! Fill them with veggies, cheese and seasonings (we heart Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel) to make each recipe your own. Click here for a delicious recipe.

Fruit & veggie smoothie

If you're not especially hungry in the mornings smoothies are a good way to get your nutrients in without having a heavy meal. Chock full of fruits, vegetables, yogurt and more, you cannot go wrong. Try this easy kale pineapple smoothie here.

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by Hannah Kennedy | 4/11/2023