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If you've ever played sports or been part of a dance team, you know that tryouts and games (especially championships!) can be super stressful. And when those big moments happen when you're *also* on your period? Yikes. But take it from two-time Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman: You shouldn't let your period stop you from achieving your goals and being the best you can be.

That's why Aly is partnering up with the "Try It. Trust It. Play On." Campaign by Playtex Sport. The terrific tumbler strongly believes that its not okay for your period to get in the way of life, on or off the field. “I think a lot of young girls feel really insecure and uncomfortable talking about their period and unfortunately, they actually stop playing sports when they get their period. So it's all about having the conversation and letting kids know that it's okay to feel awkward, it's normal." 

And while you might feel embarrassed, having your period isn't a reason to skip the recital or stay on the sidelines. In fact, staying active and playing sports is actually the *most* effective way to make yourself feel better, even if you want to stay in bed all day. Aly explains, “When I was training for gymnastics, it really helped with my period cramps and it was the best thing to do even though I didn't always feel like it.” 

Other things that help her get ready to compete? Listening to Zara Larsson and snacking on whole wheat toast with PB, Nutella and banana (uh, yum!).

Peep her motivational vid below for a period pep talk...

Still not super comfortable lacing up when it's that time of month? Aly laughs about how in high school she would slide her tampon up her sleeve during class so no one would see it...and how she still does it now. Fortunately, the new Playtex Sport Compact tampon is way smaller and easier to carry so you don’t have to feel as awkward taking care of business. And it's still just as effective, promises Aly. We believe her, too because if the girl can rock a white leotard while she's on her period, she must know what's up.

How do you deal with your period as an athlete? Let us know in the comments! 

Photo credit: Instagram.

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by Aarti Sharma | 4/13/2017