Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, Should I be afraid of talking to strangers?"

Dear Carol,

My mother and my grandmother are paranoid and think I shouldn't talk to anyone I don't know or they don't know. I disagree with them. What do you think?

- Stranger Danger

Dear Stranger Danger,

Sounds like they're being protective because they know too well that the whole world is not trustworthy. But I'm with you. It'd be a shame if we all just talked to people in our own bubbles (or communities or churches), especially since a simple hi can open doors and enrich your life. Me, I like talking to random people. So here's my advice: Be friendly and outgoing but sensible, too. Keep your guard up. Want to hear an example of how talking to a stranger changed my life? A man walked in with snow on his lapel. "Brrr," I said and added, "Nice coat." We got to talking, and I told him I wrote an advice book for teen girls. "I have a friend who's starting a magazine for teen girls," he said. I gave him my number to give to his friend. The next day, Karen Bokram called and asked if I wanted to write an advice column for a brand new magazine. You know what? I've been Girls' Life's Dear Carol ever since!

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by GL | 11/7/2022