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The lazy girl's guide to Black Friday shopping

Choose your character: the girl that heads out at 12 a.m. after your turkey and stuffing or the girl that's too full to get up the next morning and waits for Cyber Monday. We don't know about you, but we're sooo the second one. 

For many, Black Friday is an entire holiday in itself. But sometimes, just *thinking* about the crowds has us exhausted. So for all the lazy girlies out there, here's your essential guide to snagging the best deals—the easy way.

1. Browse away online (aka, set your plan of attack)

Here us out: A little pre-Black Friday research is the secret to a breezy shopping trip. Sometimes, walking into your local mall completely blind may not be the best idea, especially if you don't want to tire yourself out.

Check out all the deals that your fave stores are offering and jot down some bullets in your trusty Notes app. Think of this as your little cheat sheet to have handy on this chaotic day. And while you're at it, bookmark your favorite pieces online so you know what you're seeking out.

2. Fitting up for the day

There are many things to consider when you're picking out a shopping outfit. You don't want to be too sweaty or feel too stiff with that warm overcoat. And for us lazy girlies, we just want to be as comfy as possible. 


DW, we got you. Put on anything that you can conveniently change out of if you want to try on clothes. This means some soft zip-ups, sweatpants, or a cute sherpa jacket. For shoes, it's important to wear something your feet can walk in—think sneakers or even running shoes. PSA: Those mini Ugg slippers are cute and fuzzy, but they may not be your best friend for Black Friday shopping!

3. Daily dose of energy, or two

Ofc, a shopping trip isn't complete without a sweet little bev. Whether it's a toasty hot chocolate, a warming cinnamon apple tea or an energizing matcha latte, treat yourself to your fave drink to help you get in that ready-to-go mindset. You got it!


4. Convenience first: Hit up the multi-purpose stores

If you want to make your way down that holiday gift list as efficiently as you can, we recommend going straight to those multi-purpose stores first. 

Don't sweat it if you have to find a gift for your mom, best friend, English teacher *and* your furry pup. Stores like Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom are the perfect places to tackle all your gift shopping. You'll find all that you want to get for your loved ones, whether it be that chic sweater, hippie mug, fragrance set or those matching throw pillows. 

5. Use the fast lane: Schedule your pick-ups

We said it once and we'll say it again: thinking ahead makes all the difference! Scheduling your orders speeds up your shopping trip *and* makes sure you've secured your fave pieces ahead of time. Plus, you won't risk going out of your way just to see that leather jacket you've been eyeing all week sell out. Trust us, we've all been there.

6. Have a consumer-conscious mindset!


This one is for all you shoppers this Black Friday, lazy girlie or not. Being consumer-conscious means thinking carefully about what you're buying and how your choices could impact the environment. After all, mass consumption contributes to pollution and uses up many resources. 

Ofc it's okay to *love* shopping (we def do), but shopping 'til you drop doesn't necessarily mean to add anything you like to your cart. You can avoid impulse buying by really asking yourself what you'll actually need and what you'll wear once and throw out. 

Another way you can be more environmentally friendly this Black Friday is to bring a tote bag for all your cute finds or even reuse the same shopping bag for each store. Tbh, whatever you can do to limit your own use of plastics!

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Top and slider images: @aaashleyk


by Anne Chen | 11/24/2023