Here's how to have a Cher Horowitz semester

From juggling school and her social life to dedicating countless hours to helping two lonely teachers find love, Cher's got it figured out. And the best part: She still managed to prioritize self-care. (Come on, that's literally iconic.) That's why we're channeling Cher's vibe and striving towards a balanced school year. Because while we love romanticizing the study grind, it's just as important to take care of yourself.

The morning ritual

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You can't be totally buggin' when it comes to your morning routine. Because we both know when your day starts badly, it typically ends the same way. (Unless you magically score T-Swift tix during the day.) That said, it's time to ditch the morning drama and adopt these cute morning rituals.

Cher-approved morning routine: Wake up early, skincare, choose a cute outfit, get ready, breakfast, positive affirmations, head to school

The essentials

You didn't think we'd send you off without the essentials, did you? Here are some cute items that make even Thursday's chemistry test much more exciting...

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Wellness Wednesday

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It's the middle of the week, and you already feel like you're crashing and burning. You're struggling to keep up with the workload and extracurriculars, and you spilled coffee on your favorite T-shirt this morning. Thankfully, it's finally Wednesday—our new favorite day for much-needed self-care. And if our fave Beverly Hills advice guru loves treating herself, we do, too!

Cher-approved self-care practices: Working out, movie night, shopping, face mask, spa day, trying a new hobby, meditating, face timing friends, bubble bath, buying yourself flowers

Goals for the semester


Cher is a goal-oriented queen who knows what she wants (something we're looking to be more of). That's why we compiled a list of goals for you to focus on this semester:

Get involved: Your bio teacher's talking about the devastation after a recent hurricane in a nearby town. And instead of zoning out like you usually do, you find yourself really intrigued. Why not volunteer to help out? It's the perfect chance to branch out and immerse yourself in new opportunities (like Cher did with the Pismo Beach Relief campaign).

Adopt a new girl: We're not saying to treat new transfer students like pets (far from it, actually). Instead, we're encouraging you to be the girl who steps up and introduces yourself to them. By initiating convo, you're helping ease their fear of a new environment—something Cher did for Tai.

Read one non-school book a week: Self-improvement was one of the predominant aspects of the Clueless film. By consuming knowledge frequently, Cher exposed herself to new perspectives, leading to her character growth. So this year, make it your goal to read a few chapters of one non-school book a week.

Who's your role model this school year? Let us know on Threads @girlslifemag!

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by Kukua Honny | 8/28/2023