Play with Marmaduke

Excited to see Marmaduke in action? Can’t wait ’til June 4 when the movie hits theaters? Go to to play fun games while getting ready for your favorite comic strip Great Dane to become a star!

: How many Frisbees can Marmaduke catch in the park?  Can you beat your friends’ high scores?

Toilet B-Ball: Try this very challenging game of basketball. Marmaduke is known for putting anything and everything in the toilet.  Attempt to throw in everything from a pillow to a blender, but you better act fast! The toilet target moves back and forth rapidly. You have to have great aim for this game!

Surfin’ with Marmaduke: Help Marmaduke enjoy his surf, but make sure to duck or dodge the birds, fish and sharks so you don’t lose your lives.

Destructo Derby: Choose who will go against Marmaduke and score points by blowing up more objects than Marmaduke before he destroys the entire place!
If you’re looking for a quick study break, these online games are perfect for you. So grab a bud, play along and be sure to catch Marmaduke when it lands on the big screen this Friday, June 4.
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By: Maddie Brown


6/2/2010 11:13:00 AM