3 ways to stick with that fitness resolution

Vowing to shape up in 2011? Swear you’ll hit the gym more come January? We’ve got a couple easy ways to ensure you make your goal a reality. Hurrah!
Start a Healthy You journal
Yep, logging your workouts and jotting down your thoughts means you’re more likely to stick with your plan. Sign up at the bottom of your profile and then start tracking your progress.
Get some new gear
We’re not saying you should plop down all your holiday loot on some fancy kicks. Truth is, just buying something small (an awesome headband, socks that make you smile) can make you more excited to get your sweat on. We’re sweet on these water bottles at the moment.
Vapur Flexible 2 Pack Set Water Anti-Bottle in Pink, $16, amazon.com
Keep it fun
Exercise with your bestie, try out new healthy recipes constantly, join a rec league—do whatever ya gotta to make sure you’re enjoying your workout (well, as much as you can). If your routine is miserable, you’ll bail.


by Katie Abbondanza | 2/1/2016