5 so-cute Earth Day date ideas

If you’ve spent your whole life under the impression that Earth Day isn’t romantic in the slightest—or maybe even just forgetting that such a day exists—it’s time to think again. It may not be quite at the level of any Valentine’s Day, but this green holiday has a few charms of its own that definitely makes it date-night-worthy. So give your BF a ring to let him know to keep his calendar open April 22 and check out this list of cute eco-themed date suggestions for ideas. 

Zoo Day

Take some time to appreciate the wildlife this Earth Day. This is also the perfect excuse to spend some one-on-one time with your BF, especially if you’ve both been busy lately. Block off a few hours one afternoon exclusively for strolling, chatting, and gushing over all the adorable baby animals.


Fishy Nights

As an alternative to a trip to the zoo, schedule a visit to your local aquarium. A lot of aquariums are hosting some cool sea-life programming and conservation exhibits exclusively this weekend, so pop over and see how you can do your part in cleaning up our oceans.


Community Clean-Up

You know what they say: the couple who volunteers together… well, volunteers together. Make a difference this Earth Day by signing up to help out at a nearby creek, river or park clean-up. You’ll be able to take part in something that directly benefits the environment and, with your BF by your side, you’ll be having so much fun, it won’t even seem like work at all.


Dinner for Two

For something slightly tamer, make plans to dine out. Only, don’t go to just any old restaurant. In honor of Earth Day, many restaurants are offering special meals that somehow demonstrate environmental consciousness. It might be in the ingredients themselves (for example, a local Baltimore eatery is offering oysters at a reduced price, then recollecting the shells for an oyster recovery program), or in how much energy is conserved by the way that meal is prepared, or to what eco-charity the proceeds are going. Either way, it’s worth a google to see which places near you are making this effort.


Park Party

I bet you didn’t know that Earth Day is also the kick-off of National Park Week—the five-day period in which entrance to all US National Parks is completely free. Take advantage of this sweet deal and start planning a day trip now. Beautiful spring weather, gorgeous scenery, and quality time with the BF all for free—what could be better?

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by Florence Noorinejad | 2/1/2016