The best way to celebrate Galentine's Day with your besties


Who says Valentine's Day is only for couples? The big V-Day might seem a little gloomy for single chicks, but there's no need to be bitter—try making the most of the day by sharing the love with your ladies. Check out some February fun ideas below: 

Food food food

Throw a super classy dinner party for your BFFs and BGFs. Have everyone bring a dish or snack (these yummy treats really sweeten up the party), and after dinner, play some classic board games for a night of cool, low-pressure fun.

Rom com movie marathon

Stock up on tons of romantic comedies with your gals. Drool over Augustus Waters in TFIOS and swoon over Ryan Gosling for the millionth time in The Notebook. Way better than the guys at school, amirite?

Pamper yourself

Did someone say mani-pedi? Grab your BFF and head out for a spa day. You’ve had a long week, so take the time to relax and catch up on some gossip with your best bud.


Forget boys and paint the town red with your girls. Twirl around at the ice skating rink, catch a flick at the movie theaters or go out for an amazing dinner. Order some buffalo wings or a cheeseburger if you want—no shame.

Secret valentine 

It’s like secret Santa, but on V-Day! Have all of your friends buy an inexpensive gift and trade for a night full of sweet swag and fun memories.

Baking party

Valentine's Day without sweets is like 1D without Harry Styles: it just doesn’t make any sense. Heat up the kitchen and bake dozens of cookies and cupcakes while blasting some of your favorite tunes (Taylor Swift, anyone?).

Get active

Channel your energy into something fun and healthy instead of worrying about boys. Grab your girls and go take a yoga class or pump up the party with Zumba.

Karaoke dance party

Belt out Beyoncé’s "All The Single Ladies" and dance like no one's watching (cuz hey, they're not). What better way to blow off some steam than with Queen B?


What are your V-Day plans? Do you and your girls have anything fun planned? Let us know!



by Crystal Williams | 2/1/2016