Insta Body Confidence Boost

Wanna feel better about yourself in a flash? Here are our 5 easy ways to up your self-image. We know you’re totally gorgeous (inside and out!). Now it’s time for you to remember that, too.

1. Play up those assets! Got gorgeous eyes? Wear some killer shadow to make your peepers sparkle even more. A pretty neck? Pop on a scoop neck tee and add a necklace. Flawless skin? Moisturize and add just a touch of blush to the apples of your cheeks. If you've got it, flaunt it!

2. Love the imperfections too. Do you have freckles across your nose? Don't try to cover them. Your mom was right when she said they were super cute! Have a scar from a bike fall when you were a kid? Don’t hide that, either. It proves you're strong, and real. Nobody's perfect so it's important to embrace your body's quirky imperfections. They make you you, and that is priceless.

3. Figure out what clothes flatter your frame the most. Bring your BFF on board for help with this one. When you go spring shopping, make sure the stuff you buy looks great on your bod (and isn’t just the latest trend). Ask your bud to be honest, and you’ll find the best clothes ever (hint: offer to help her next). Have a tiny waist? Buy a couple wide belts. Have toned calves from years of soccer? Flaunt 'em in a flirty, flowy knee-length skirt. When you know your body looks good, it's easy to have killer confidence!

4. Write down five things you love about YOU. Don't even dare think about what you don't like! Stay positive and keep the list handy for times when you’re feeling bummed. Having a bad day? Bring out that list and SMILE, sistah!

5. Do something spontaneous every day. Whether it’s wearing a funky dress to school, deciding to call that boy that you’ve been crushing on for ages, signing up for student council elections or writing a note to your great aunt that you haven’t seen in years. Stepping a little outta your comfort zone will up your confidence big-time. 


by Jess Hofmann | 2/1/2016