Chillin’ and grillin’ are great on Father’s Day, but fitness-minded dads and daughters might wanna do something a li’l more active. Here are five healthy ways to hang with your dad this weekend (or whenever you both have a day together). But, yes, you still have to make the guy a card.

1. Hold a Friendly Competition
Do you and Dad both love to jog or swim? Set up a mini race and see who wins. Or, spend the day playing games, like tennis, croquet and basketball. A little competition never hurt anyone. And, hey, winner buys ice cream!
2. Be a Kid with Your Old Man
Pops might reminisce every so often (or, all the time) about his days on the baseball field or summers at Boy Scout camp. This Father’s Day, take part in some of his old-school faves. If he was an all-star first baseman, break out the gloves and play catch (or go to batting cages). Did your dad earn his camping merit badge? Spend the day hiking. Maybe you’ll learn to appreciate his stories even more.
3. Have a Blast Riding Bikes
Remember when you first learned how to ride a bike without training wheels? Your dad was probably holding you from the back so that you wouldn't fall on your face! Well, this Father's Day go out for a bike ride with your dad. You'll not only get a good cardio workout, but you'll also show your dad that you appreciate his help (even with the little things like riding a bike) as you bond with him the whole day.
4. Tackle a Project
Some dads like to spend their downtime tinkering around. If your dad is about to start a new project, like spreading the mulch or painting the deck, offer to pitch in. Oh, and once you offer, you actually have to help out. Did we mention that yard work can be great exercise?
5. Take it Easy
OK, so maybe your dad doesn’t want to be ultra-active. That’s cool, too. Spend the day chillin’ by the pool or plant a tree together in the backyard. Maybe you two can go for a short walk and you can let him know how much you enjoy spending time together.


by GL | 2/1/2016