Explore with Endless Ocean: Blue World

Getting anxious to be back at the beach and relaxing? Summer will be here before ya know it. But in the meantime, Endless Ocean: Blue World, the new Nintendo game for Wii (in stores Feb. 22), can help you do just that. And get this: two lucky gamers get the chance to score the game from Feb. 19 to Feb. 26!
Endless Ocean: Blue World is the follow-up to Endless Ocean. In the new one, you can explore many different underwater civilizations while learning about the magnificent marine life. Swim with (or away from) sharks, see all types of aquatic creatures, find hidden treasures, play with dolphins and even heal sick fish.
While you’re underwater, you can also choose to create and decorate your very own reef, with the ability to sell items you find down deep for new reef goodies. Then show it off to other humans who might stop by.

Is your Wii system hooked up to your broadband internet connection? Use the Endless Ocean: Blue World game's Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection feature to explore underwater with friends who also have the game. If you and your friend also have the Wii Speak microphone (available with certain Endless Ocean: Blue World games and sold separately), you can even talk to each other!
The visuals in this game are completely amazing. And with everything being so pretty and realistic, it’s the perfect way to relax during homework breaks!
Win Big!
Wanna get your hands on this totally fab game? Send us all your questions about the game for your shot at gold. Each question will be passed along to the Endless Ocean: Blue World developers, and two lucky peeps (chosen at random) will get answers to their confuzzled Qs AND receive a FREE copy of the game!
CLICK HERE for the official rules on how to enter.

Need some examples? Qs like “What’s the strangest animal you see in the game?” or “How long did it take to make the game?” are cool. E-mail it to qotw@girlslife.com with “Endless Ocean” in the subject line by Feb. 26.
What’s your favorite underwater creature? Keep us in the know! And be sure to check out Endless Ocean: Blue World when it releases this month.

By: Meghan Hole


2/22/2010 7:00:00 AM