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EXCLUSIVE! OK, can we spend the holidays with Shay Rudolph? The star of The Baby-Sitters Club and upcoming holiday flick The Present catches us up on her current gig (check out The Smart Girl's Podcast), slays in party-perfect looks *and* gives super insightful friendship/relationship/life advice (yep, including the cutest gift to get your crush). 

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It's 2023! We know what you're wearing 🌟
Let's embrace the spirit of the season with allll the over-the-top glam. 

Your holiday beauty starter pack 
So. Much. Sparkle! 'Tis the season of Doing Too Much, but don't worry darling, being this extra is *never* a bad thing. 

Psst: Your crush is into you 
Did you miss *this* tiny sign? Mixed messages, begone: We decoded all the smallest things they do to express their innermost feels.

Our gift guide has zero misses
Your free spirit friend! Your sporty shorty! Your BFF since birth! We've got a perfect prezzie for every bestie on your list. 

Reclaim your me time 
Busy bees, listen up: Let's make chilling out a top priority, k? 

Your completely cozy room redo 
Time to turn your space into a snuggly sanctuary. A few simple switches are all it takes to create a warm 'n' fuzzy oasis. 

How to use hot tools (ahem, the right way) 
Let's be honest, holiday party szn = hot tools szn. Staring down a glam new style? Let us be your guide.

Turn your staycation into a slaycation 
Ditch that late-December doom scroll and *actually* enjoy your winter break. Behold the ultimate bucket list.

"This is what changed *everything* for me..." 
Go from "lazy day" to "living your best life" in a snap: GL girls spill on the tiny tricks that switched up their whole vibe.

Quiz! What's your 2023 mantra? 
Take a deep breath. The advice you *need* to hear is here. 

The late-in-the-game guide to K-Pop 
From BLACKPINK to BTS, our crash course on the groups who paved the way, the ones who are taking over the music scene rn and the faces of the new generation. 

Are you ready for a relationship?
Wondering if you should take the leap from crushing to committed? Um, read this first...

The universe called, good things are coming 
Why 2023 could be your weirdest, wildest and best year yet...according to astrology, at least.

Everything you need to watch, read and listen to this holiday season...
Sophia Woodward has the *best* holiday affirmations—and knows a thing or two about standing out and making your voice heard (catch her on The Really Loud House, premiering Nov. 3 on Nickelodeon). The Vampire Academy's Jonetta Kaiser (season one streaming now on Peacock) opens up about how she almost gave up on her acting dreams. PLUS: The perfect page-turner for any holiday reading sitch (we'll bring the cocoa and comfy blankets) and your pop culture-approved rules to live by in 2023 (#4: Loving yourself is first priority). 

In this issue, you'll also find... 

πŸ’« Get your glowiest skin ever  
The kinda surprising secrets to a complexion that looks healthy and radiant, no filter needed.

β›” How to set boundaries 
Your people-pleasing days? Yep, they're over. We asked the experts how to keep your bonds unbreakable while putting yourself first.

πŸ₯³ Welcome to your party era 
It's soirée season—and, with these tips, you just became the main character. 

πŸ’— Is she your emotional support friend?
Some friends are fab...but, tbh, they're not the girls you should spill your secrets to. How to spot the difference between a fun pal and a close confidante.

πŸ₯ "I knew I was dying. No one listened to me." 
GL girl Eden, 17, tells her harrowing story and speaks up on the importance of being your own best advocate.

πŸŽ„ Holiday stress? Not anymore 
From fam drama to finals, frustration can skyrocket during December. But there's a trick to keeping the vibes merry and bright...and we're gifting it to you.

+ Dear Carol on friend fights and self-confidence 
+ Solve your finals freakout with ~these~ simple study hacks  
+ Just a list of heartwarming holiday moments (aww) 
+ The newbie's guide to...finding your signature fragrance 
+ Quiz! What's your relationship resolution?
+ All the awkward New Year's Eve moments 
+ Tons of fun and freebies
...and so much more!



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Image Credits:
December/January 2023 Cover (Shay Rudolph) and Fashion: Photographed by Mike Azria. Styled by Lo VonRumpf. Hair by George Fragkioudakis. Makeup by Sophia Hutch. 

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