10 Pinterest-worthy party themes for your next summer bash

What time is it? Summertime—aka aesthetic party szn! This summer's the one you *finally* fulfill your dreams of throwing the most Pinterest-worthy bash. While it can seem super exciting to be a can also be kinda overwhelming. If you're just not sure where to start? 10 adorable theme ideas right this way...

1. Cottagecore 

Cottagecore calls for everything dreamy, fairy-esque and adorable. Wondering how to throw a cottagecore bash? Think: tea, pastries and everything floral. Set up a gorg outdoor space (fairy lights = *so* the vibe) and serve tea party snacks to radiate nothing but cottagecore vibes! And when it comes to activities, consider opting for cozy conversation cards.

2. Coconut girl 

You might've seen the trending Coconut Girl aesthetic on your fyp lately, but if not, we'll fill you in. This aesthetic is basically beachy meets y2k with some tropical influences in the mix—so what's not to love? You truly can't go wrong with using this adorable aesthetic as your next party theme. Make the dress code tropical or beach-themed (time to dust off those summer '19 shell necklaces), play with a beach ball and don't forget to take tons of cute pics!

3. Roaring '20s 

From jazz to flappers, the Roaring Twenties is a period in history worth remembering. If you choose this as your party theme, then it's time for a movie night! Grab some popcorn and set up a classic film to screen under the stars ("The Great Gatsby," anyone?). Whether you opt for cozy PJs or flapper-fringe, the dress code is up to you. As long as there's popcorn, we'd call it a success! 


It's time to live out your TSITP dreams and party like It Girl Belly for a night! For this bash, you might want to prep poolside-esque games (volleyball = a must) and snacks. Try your hand at Susana's famous Fourth of July cake (just try not to drop it—IYKYK), Taylor's go-to banana split sundae or Belly's birthday Mickey Mouse pancakes. And don't forget to check out some adorable outfit inspo here!

5. Summer camp 

To throw a summer camp party, all you'll need is some friendship bracelet tools, s'more materials and your besties. Do camp activities (think: cards, arts and crafts and sports)—and whether you play with water guns or scrapbook, the possibilities are endless. Don't forget to tell everyone to wear their fave tie-dyes!

6. Olympics

An Olympic themed party is a super original way to gather your squad for some friendly competition! Go for the gold with Olympic-inspired games like mini basketball, soccer or any other sport you can think of. If you're wondering what to munch on after the games, we'd recommend ring sugar cookies. As for prizes, edible medals are *so* the way to go.

7. Carnival

Who *doesn't* love the carnival? Turn your backyard into a magical carnival party by setting up super fun games that everyone can play. If you're not sure where to start, consider turning your usual squad group chat GamePigeon competitions IRL (think: mini golf and chess). Also prep cotton candy and popcorn...and a DIY sundae bar is a total must!

8. Under the Sea ("The Little Mermaid")

Ocean and beachy-themed parties are always a blast...and an under-the-sea bash will be especially crowd-pleasing because of the new Little Mermaid movie. Tell your besties to dress up as their fave sea creature (yes, mermaids count) and watch The Little Mermaid (whether it's the original or you hit your local theater to see the new one is up to you). Just remember to serve fish candy, cupcakes and every sea-themed treat you can think of! 

9. "Barbie" 


Since the "Barbie" movie is pretty much the movie of the summer, there's no doubt that everyone will love a Barbie-themed party. Tell everyone to dress up as their fave Barbie (or their interpretation of the viral meme). Set up a photo shoot and, of course, have a Barbie movie marathon. For decorations and snacks, the pinker, the better!

10. The '80s 

It's impossible to *not* have fun at an '80s-themed party! Tell your friends to wear bright, neon fiits and make sure to order some glow sticks. Dust off your parent's old boom box and don't forget to play allll the amaze classic '80s party songs to dance to! Pro-tip: use an old digital or film camera to get that aesthetic, vintage look in all the pics. Then, check out some classic movies to watch here.

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 6/1/2023