Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I'm worried that I'll never find love!"

Dear Carol,

Hi! Recently I have been worrying that I am never going to find love. Is this normal for people my age? I'm 13. And how should I stop worrying about it?

- Losing Hope

Dear Losing Hope,

You will find love, and at 13, you are not behind, I promise. But you may not find love today or tomorrow. Try not to worry about this—just keep doing things you like to do. Do you love theater? Audition or sign up to help backstage. You may find someone special who also wants to be part of the school musical. Do you enjoy going to church or synagogue or another place of worship? Maybe someone you'll be interested in does, too. Vacation's ahead. Any parties on the calendar? Can you host or co-host one? Or just suggest that everyone meet up on Saturday at the ice rink? 

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by GL | 11/23/2022