Bored? 9 artsy activities to keep ya busy

We looove getting crafty, especially when there’s nothing else to do on a way-too-hot summer day. Join us as we celebrate the official start of the season with 100-plus ways to make your summer totally rock. Check out our 14 fresh outdoor escapades and 12 ah-mazing things to do with your BFFs, and read on for 9 more awesome ideas.


  • 01-chalk.jpg

    Break out the sidewalk chalk! Draw a colorful mural with your favorite pals on, well, anything.


    Some fresh ideas…

    - Come up with a funky new game. Draw out the board on your driveway and play along.

    - Write some funny quotes on big boulders, sidewalks and driveways around your neighborhood.

    - Draw a life-size chessboard (or Twister mat) and invite the neighbors over for a round or two of fun.

  • 02-journal.jpg


    Start a journal. It’s a great way to unwind after a busy summer day, plus you’ll love reading it a couple of years from now and remembering that hot lifeguard you were totally obsessing over.

  • 03-scrapbook.jpg


    Make a scrapbook to document your summer. If there's ever a day you feel bored or upset, looking through it will remind you of all of the fun you've already had!


    3 things you’ve gotta include:

    - Snaps of your sweeties

    - Ticket stubs from movies and concerts

    - Fortunes and other funny odds and ends

  • 04-tiedye.jpg


    Tie-dye plain tees and tanks for an updated summer style. The fun, multi-colored patterns are totally trendy right now and make for breezy beach cover-ups.


    Need a how-to? CLICK HERE!


    Love the tank on the left? Grab it for $20 at Forever 21.

  • 05-collage.jpg


    Make a collage with one of your old GL mags and hang it up in your room. The funky colors and designs will keep you ever-inspired to be creative and upbeat.


    Theme it up!

    - Take a peek at our different fashion spreads and tear out the outfits you like. Maybe it’s just the way a sweater was belted, or how that real girl wore that T-shirt with that skirt. Then emulate it!

    - Cut out your favorite blush-much moments and tape them around your bathroom or dresser mirror. Take a peek whenever you’re feeling blue for an instant mood boost.

    - Love Carol’s advice? Cut out your faves, just in case!


    Yeah, that’s Emma Watson on our August/September 2007 cover!

  • 06-letter.jpg


    Write letters and postcards to your girlfriends who are on vacation or at camp for the summer. Trust us, they’ll love receiving mail just as much as you do. Bonus? They’ll write back!


    Looking for some sassy stationary? Check out our top picks!

  • 07-portrait.jpg


    Draw a self-portrait. Feeling shy? Start with something you know, whether it’s a backyard landscape or an on-top-of-your dresser still life. Then, grab a mirror and do your best to rediscover you. Figure out how the planes of your face and the curves of your features fit together to create an image that’s distinctly Y-O-U.


    Need a lesson in body confidence? Take a look at beauty around the world.

  • 08-paint.jpg


    Paint something. Whether it’s a portrait of a friend or relative, or an outdoor scene, get your creative juices flowing.


    Turn up the fun by experimenting with different types of paint. We love getting messy with finger paints, then gettin’ classy with oils or watercolors. See what you like best!

  • 09-marble.jpg


    Make marble art. You can do this by filling up small containers with paint, then putting a few marbles in each color. Shake the containers and let the marbles go in a box with a sheet of paper at the bottom. Shake the box around. You will be left with effortless abstract artwork perfect for Mom's refrigerator gallery.

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by GL | 2/1/2016