Our FAVE 5 Ways to Bond With Dad

Looking for the perfect gift to get dad this Father's Day? How about treating dear ol' daddy to a one-on-one day with Y-O-U! He'll love the bonding time and you'll both have a blast!

1. Game Time

Even if you're not a sporty sistah, any sports game is still sooo much fun when you're heading out there with your old man. Have daddyo explain what's going on if you don't already and get some yummy game food (like hot dogs, pretzels and peanuts) to share. Make some memories with a fun souvenir like a jersey or a hat, and don't forget to take pics.

2. Sizzlin' Hot

Grilling outside is the perfect excuse to spend time in the sun (don't forget that SPF) and eat some great food. Get dad to show off his skills by cooking some burgers for you two to share!  Be his little helper grill-side and make sure to compliment him on his awesome burger flippin' talent. You can totally prep a side salad (Pssst! Get a great recipe RIGHT NOW), then have a little dinner date on the patio, just the two of you.

3. Hole-in-one Fun

Golf just gives ya images of old guys schmoozing out on the green? Guess again! Treat your daddy to a day or night at a mega fun mini-golf course. Most courses have cool themes and you can play with colorful golf balls. Make bets on who will win and get ice cream after to celebrate a game well played.

4. Movie Moment

Bond with the big guy over his fave flick, or rent some that the two of you both love. Pop some popcorn and bake him his fave treat, then lounge around on the couch while you watch. A cool new comedy will get dad's goofy side. Wanna get out of the house? Let dad pick a new movie that he wants to see and go together.

5. Spend the Day Downtown!

Plan a day for you and your pops to head into the nearest city or into your own hometown. Research some spots to visit like museums, landmarks and parks. Once you're pooped from walking around all day head to a li'l cafe to chillax and sample some of the local flavor. So fun!

PLUS! Want a fun craft to make for dad? Get a great idea RIGHT HERE!


by Brooke Exler | 2/1/2016